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  1. have 648 hours in ets, and never a ban and today, in addition to supporting whom annoying, causing accidents, blocking, by stopping him and say stop, and reported at least 6 times, I'm leaving with the ban ... ets alive! admin and occupied? little bit busy and look more recent report list. but ok cool ...
  2. ADMIN ABUSE: admin SGT_TAYLOR I want to report abuse of this admin after posting often disturb several players, this guy comes to me and puts a ban .... When those reported in at least 6 times to whom should ban. Tired of abuse administrators. Well certainly fast remove this message because abusers do not want anyone to know the truth.
  3. i have similar problem, i use the last version the single player but to run multiplayer, alway send a error to need version 1.9.3, i instal but non start
  4. Well, I have fixed 20 mb download and set as real steam example download 2.5 mb second. I think being local server problem. ahh in general of any game i have a ping of min 18 and max 90 (90 in arma3 or Day Z)
  5. This morning im starting my computer, open my steam, starting game and...... look ping..................42-43-45 now......WTF? maybe the week-end + summer + alot people using local server to internet, cause a up ping....i continue to look a moving ping any time and hope no more problem. ( sorry of my bad english ).
  6. i restart my computer 2,3,4,5,... and nothing, restart router both and nothing...my ping not change.
  7. Hi! my problem is: a normal ping 43 max 50, without touching anything without more in eu-1 now I have a ping of 150-180 .... not change anything,. I'm in Spain with 20 mb download and 1mb upload. What to do? use cable conection ( ono optical ) and win 7 profecional. Friday: 43 Saturday: 180 = of server eu-1 end eu-2 i hope any know to help
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