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  1. 32 minutes ago, mcglynn14 said:

    I don't get the point of this vote when some people who are users of truckersmp don't have a gaming pc to go on the servers and vote

    Then how would said user play the game anyways?


    27 minutes ago, SDCore said:

    It's EXTREMELY inconvenient when there could be something super simple like a Google forms

    Will you not be able to play between the 13th and the 24th? It's quite a long time to have, if you log on to go for a drive you can do it then. So not inconvenient really...

  2. +1 I think this is quite a cool idea, especially when you know the person and you are going on a drive with them. You can't just alt tab and open teamspeak or discord and join a voice channel, this will make it so easy just to talk to someone.

  3. Hello,


    Are you trying to change your avatar on the forums or on the website? 

    If website then I can see it perfectly, as shown below, and it might just be your internet mucking about with you.




    - Fading.

  4. Hey,


    I think the idea has potential, however as you already pronounced it could be abused by people targetting otheres.

    Good idea though, just don't think it will work.


    Therefore a -1 from me.


    - Fading.

  5. Hey Nox,


    Since none of the above guys have noticed, I see that you are using a trailer mod. This means that your trailers will not be able to be changed with the cog in the corner... So if you want to be able to change them you would have to deactivate your trailer mod


    - Fading.

  6. Hey Mario,


    What windows version is your computer running?

    For TruckersMP to run the computer has to be running a 64bit version of Windows 7 or above, so if you have an OS lower than the requirements that woud be your problem.


    - Fading.

  7. +1 I would love to have a talking GPS, it would make the game more realistic and it would be so useful! Since I have missed so many turns because I haven't looked at my GPS, if I am being shouted at to turn I wouldn't miss them and it would be more fun than stress of finding a place to turn around.

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