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  1. Me and A friend Beefy32659, have gond to open the TruckerMP client, and we have update the client nd the game to the supported verstion, and when we go to open the Online game, we are presented the the Fatal Error message, look at the image below, and there is the Error Message. As most people do, we went about update the Game, by going to our game libary on steam, then right clicking and opening the properties window, and selecting the BETAS option, and then selecting the required one to get Oline, in which is the by opting out of all BETAS the game will launch tho... what going on?
  2. Hi guys, was just wondering if any one wanted to do a convoy, on Friday 30 December 2016, the convoy may last 2hrs-2hrs30, if any one want to come along and join the fun, please be sure to reply to this staus update, all information will be posted below, also all the information that you will need to come alone to the convoy will be on http://www.ets2c.com/,


    Convoy Information:

    Do you need a trailer/load:  yes


    What should i come in: Trucks only, except from convoy security(BEEFY32659 & ETHANMOTION)

    Where should we meet: London

    End destination: Nice

    ETS2MP Server: EU#4

    When is the convoy? Friday 30th Dec 2016

    How long will the convoy be? 2hrs- 2 

    There will be no teamspeak, only in game chat (CB radios will not be use in the convoy)

    Prefured language: English.

    The convoy will be hosted be Haulage Hub. 

    The Convoy will Start to leave at 7.00am on the dot.

    ETA of when the convoy ends is not know. (Sorry, Crap at math :P )

    Security: Beefy32659 And Ethanmotion.


    Really hope that you guy had a good christmas! and am looking forward to seeing you at the convoy, please go the www.ets2c.com and find the convoy tab under my name (Heavy Haulage UK VTC) and sign up there. Hope to see you there, Happy Trucking! Heavy Haoage Uk VTC CEO :P

  3. whilst playing a good game of euro truck simulator 2 with Beefy32659, i automaticly was disconnected from the online game... Beefy32659 remaind on the sever and was still connected to the online game. at the time we where playing on EU#3, also tryed to connect the the EU#4 Sever, but i got the same message. what do you thin could be happing?

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    2. Mirko9


      I dont know for real

    3. Simulation Gaming
    4. FirestarteR93


      Meh....Don't know = Don't reply.


      There were some problems with the servers, Luckily Kat was on and now all servers are back online

  4. I finally finished the Heavy Haulage U.S.A Logo!:):)


    The skins for ATS will be Released in around 1-2 weeks from know 6 April 2016


    1. Beefy32659_YT


      Good to hear boss! I really can't wait! :) 

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