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    Need friends

    First and foremost, I've been off the game for a while now but what's up with the "low attendance" on the servers? Most people I've seen online was 270 something. This game was packed on launch. Which brings me to my point. Does anyone want to run loads together? I mean, I could run loads for a few hours by myself but some days the server just seems empty. Would be a lot more enjoyable running with a couple other trucks. I'm only level 10 or 11 with a day cab and a 450hp engine so I'll struggle a little to keep up <--reason why I haven't applied to a company.
  2. On ETS2 I know some youtubers cheated just to use the modded trucks and to customize to their full ability. Some find it boring to watch episode after episode of someone doing their career. I know Squirrel had a profile where he showcased mods and another one where he did episodes of his career. Depending on the hauls you take, early hauls will take up 20 mins per episode. Level up enough and one trip will take 30-40 mins. It depends on their subscribers and what viewers want to watch. Just to put it into perspective, Squirrel took about 15 episodes at 20 mins each before he had enough money to buy his first truck.
  3. This almost happened to me from a driver trying to pass on a solid yellow line. I would have slowed down as my truck is really slow and underpowered but his wasn't that much faster. On top of that there was traffic. It's not like we can move any faster. He ended up driving next to me for a good distance before I saw a blip on the map coming down the oncoming lane. Slammed the brakes and he swerved in. Had I not stopped he would have hit me and probably hit the other driver. Some drivers are just too impatient. If you're going to drive like no one else is on the road then why are you playing multiplayer?
  4. IShotBambi

    ATSMP Day 1

    I've done this with ETS2MP so for forum contribution I thought I would keep the tradition for ATSMP At only level 6 at the moment, I've stuck with the same Peterbilt day cab. A few cosmetics here and there but nothing as far as performance. My first hour into MP I was pleasantly surprised at how considerate everyone was. All road rules were followed. No one passed on solid yellow, everyone stopped at red lights and some even stopped to allow me to exit out of a dock yard in heavy traffic. Given the fact that my truck is extremely slow and underpowered it was nice to not feel too handicapped in getting around, especially in the cities. HOWEVER, it was short lived. A couple hours later it all turned around. I was getting cut off on the highways (one even passed me in the emergency lane) I was hit 3 times in the back by a single driver riding my ass in the span of a few minutes. In heavy populated cities there were drivers riding on the side walk to avoid traffic. It was chaos. My only thought was to pick up my load and head out as fast as possible. My worst experience by far was being in the middle of an involuntary convoy with roughly 7 to 8 trucks. I felt like I was apart of a race. 3 wide! lol WTF WHY. Eventually and inevitably they crashed. A couple minutes of honking and light flashing, we were all on our way again. In the end, this is basically what I thought it would be. I didn't expect it to change from ETS2MP. I wouldn't say most drivers are inconsiderate nor would I even say a 1/4 of them are. But they're there. So kudos to those who are like me. Help out your fellow truckers even if they are a noob. Follow the road rules and drive safe.
  5. I live in south Florida and have been to the keys a few times. I think it would be a great addition to the game. Although the 7 mile bridge to get there may be a little boring in game, it adds a haul unlike any other place you can find in the US. Miami is cool and all but I'm predicting not many drivers will want to haul loads in Florida due to it being a peninsula. Driving for so long and then having to make a U turn and drive that same road may get boring to those who like a change in scenery. Adding the Keys will give us drivers a little extra incentive to make the haul. Hawaii and Alaska are the only places where you can introduce using a boat to "teleport" across the sea. Could you imagine the drive through either of those places??? I'm sure this has been touched on already so I'll leave it at that.
  6. So far I've had good experience dealing with convoys on the roads. Even when I first started playing and took a turn to quick and ended up driving off the road a little bit they stopped and asked if I was stuck. The most I've seen was only 8 or so trucks and they all stayed in the right lane if possible. They tend to go a lower speeds to stay together. The solo drivers that are in such a hurry for idk what reason are the drivers I have problems with. Most drivers I've come across don't use high beams. I use them sometimes but always turn them off as soon as I see an oncoming truck or if one is in front of me. Honestly I see way more IRL drivers keep their high beams on probably because they are unaware of the law for them. They just think "oh this setting is way brighter. Ima use this from now on". And then there's the ones who don't care because it's not enforced.
  7. Name: Claude Steam: IShotBambi Age: 23 Why you would like to join MLC?: Honestly I've had the game for a while but just recently purchased the G27 and downloaded multiplayer. I'm a little bored of driving alone and would like to dedicate my time to a company. I've looked through the forums and personally liked this one the best. Do you have TeamSpeak3?: Yes TimeZone: U.S. Eastern Time
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