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  1. I am very aware that the police do not repair cars. I meant that the mods had the right to do this. but of course, a kind of breakdown service would be great and would make the game even better ?
  2. Verbal

    Players card!

    Good idea if the window is not permanently open or if you can decide for yourself whether to open it. you could also show what CB channel the player is on so you can talk to them and get to know them too.
  3. Hello, I think the idea is nice but not suitable for multiplay. The argument that a stranger could damage the trailer is to be rated as a traffic accident in a good and realistic multiplay and is part of everyday life. This should encourage you to drive even more with foresight and consideration for other road users. but you could perhaps transform the idea so that in the event of such an accident, a mod (police) is called in, who could fix the damage at their own discretion. Another possibility would be to set up a kind of towing service, which can drive on site and have the right to repair the damage for a fee. Regards
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