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  1. If i were to stick with a single truck, I would prefer Scania over the other trucks. Just love it
  2. Yeah this information is authentic. The release date has been announced on the TMP Official Twitch stream by James (TMP Staff). And coming to the other topic, buses will be available in the servers already exist (Sim1, SGP, arcade). You can even drive buses in Promods but there is no information about whether you can do jobs using buses in promods. But it will be available in promods pretty soon, atleast i hope so.
  3. Yeah.. The maximum speed that bus can catch upto is somewhere around 90 KMPH and it makes sense since it runs on the battery ?
  4. I'm sorry if that meant in a wrong way but what i meant was different. D-day can also be expressed as " the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect "
  5. Finally!!! It's here.. Can't hold my excitment for the D-day, 10th of July?. Who else is waiting for the buses?? Note: The phrase " D Day " has another meaning which is " the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect ".
  6. Thanks for the follow mate ?

  7. Thanks for the follow mate ? 

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  9. Thank you for your follow! ♥️

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