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  1. 3rd Birthday of ETS2VN The 3rd anniversary of establishment of ETS2VN DETAILS: Date: 2020,08,29 Server: 3rd Birthday of ETS2VN Redundant server:SGP Gathering: UTC 12:30 Convoy Stsrt: UTC 13:30 ROUTE: Mannheim >>>> Praha (Prague) 630km https://imgur.com/a/BOBYiMQ RULES Do not Overtaking § The event prohibits overtaking according to the purpose of the event. Overtaking is restricted to prevent accidents caused by overtaking in advance. Do not Profanity / Insulting § Always held events are played by all players to enjoy the game. If an insulting statement is made, the victim will be in a bad mood and will be banned. Do not Blocking on the road § All players except those who are excluded cannot block the road. Only the Staff can do this, and Blocking without permission can be banned. Keeping your lane § If you are the administrator of the event, you will overtake it. However, if some users take two lanes, it is difficult for the staff to pass. So please enjoy the event using only one lane. Do not driving the Wrong way § When the event is in progress, the driving line will be on the right side of the road. If you reverse run, the user may be prohibited. If you reverse run in the column, there is a risk of ramming. Keep Distance during Trucking Event § During the event, there is a high number of people who may experience ping delays due to ping differences. If you do not maintain a sufficient safety distance, there is a possibility of chain collisions. Therefore, please ensure a safe distance. If something goes wrong with your situation, please enter "Sorry" in the chat. § While driving, you may accidentally bump into another user or have an accident between your eyes. However, in this case, it is better to send a chat such as "Sorry" as an apology. Follow the control of the Event Staff. § The event staff hosts this event and controls everything. If not under the control of the event staff, it can be kicked from the server. Free-Roaming is not allowed this Event Server § Except the Participants, anyone don't allowed the free-roaming. If you detected my view or Moderator's view, you must be kicked the server. Do not Impersonating Event Staff § Do not Impersonate any of the Event Staff. Event Staff impersonation is a serious issue and is kicked without warning. EVENT STAFF [ETS2VN_231] Mi Mi_EM [ETS2VN_286] TedCTV007 PARTICIPATE TEAM ◈ Not Reserved | Coming Soon ◈ EVENT SERVER SETTINGS https://ets2c.com/view/86128/mi-mi-mannheim-service-station Server name : 3rd Birthday of ETS2VN Game : ETS2 Max players : 500 Start at : 29 Aug 10:00 UTC End at : 29 Aug 17:00 UTC AFK kick : - (Disabled) Speed limiter : - (80/150km/h) (Disabled) Collisions : Yes (Activated) Cars for players : Yes (Activated) Police cars for players : - (Disabled) ProMods : - (Disabled) Enable live map : Yes (Activated)
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