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  1. There are quite some limitations on convoy mode though, for example, you can't have the huge amount of players TruckersMP has. But I still agree.
  2. ItsYoDog

    Best cargo

    I can agree the Locomotive is good, it's one of my favourites aswell.
  3. ItsYoDog

    Best cargo

    What do you think is the best cargo, and why?
  4. IMO it's one of the updates I didn't expect to want, I think it would add great realism to the game and also functionality.
  5. Used to drive the DAF XG+ but got bored of it. Currently drive a Scania S.
  6. I don't and I probably won't anytime soon as it requires a lot of map DLC that i don't own. However if I got all the map DLCs I'd definitely check it out.
  7. This is actually one of the things I've wished for since i bought the game. I think it would be a amazing addition to be able to walk around your (and others) trucks outside of the dealership. It would also enhance gameplay as (if added too) you could manually hook up your trailer and do other things. To this day I still hope this will get added someday but I'm honestly not really expecting it.
  8. I really like the design of Scania, unlike Volvo's design, which I find a bit weird looking in my opinion. Though I have never really driven a Volvo for over 100 KM so I really can't say too much.
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