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    To travel.
    playing truck games. inspecting trucks in real life.
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  1. Happy Birthday! ?

    1. ARTHUR.1903


      thank you so much 🙂 I m sorry ım late reply :') 

  2. yes, if there is a new recruitment, I think I will apply first. I am active in this game and I can voluntarily make the game work properly.
  3. I understand you very well admin. You are right and I agree with what you wrote. but please understand us(players). Thank you for your descriptive answer.
  4. Guys, I think you misunderstand me. I don't want the admins to be all over the map, but when there are 3000+ players on the server and there are 150+ players on the D-C road, of course there should be one admin on duty. I know they don't do it with money, admins are volunteers. and I want to use it in the D-C way, that's my taste. I like that way. Please don't tell me they have other ways in the game, I know how big the map is.
  5. thank you for all the replies. I can understand that the game admins are very busy. I enjoy traffic, but it made me angry that hundreds of people waited for the pleasure of one person. I hope you understand me correctly and I wish you all a safe journey. GoodBye!
  6. I understand you, thank you for your answer. The issue I want to talk about here: Peak hour and busiest route for tmp, but there is no admin looking at this road or on duty. I don't care if the player is banned or not. my advice is; During peak hours and busy routes, admins can keep watch and make the game more fluid. (I use translate, I hope you understand me correctly)
  7. https://www.hizliresim.com/s3gru8s https://www.hizliresim.com/q3oyppy https://www.hizliresim.com/q5owka5 Hello, Duisburg-Calais road, which is the busiest area of SIM1 server, was blocked by a player for 15-20 minutes. It is a bad situation that there is no admin on such a busy road. Not enough admins? Are the admins not doing their job properly? How a person closes the road cannot be solved for 15-20 minutes. I respect tmp and all admins, but the situation is bad. 2 weeks ago, on the same road, the 'hacker' damaged everyone for 10 minutes and there was no admin again.
  8. Happy Birthday ?

    1. ARTHUR.1903


      thank you so much ❤️


  9. OK thanks. I had no problem delivering this load. https://trucksbook.eu/delivery/23467487 yes I got the answer, thanks
  10. there is 'radiant' on the side. and this is not about game design. It is done with save edit and causes too much fps low
  11. Hello. Is it normal to have warning lights there?
  12. Hello to everyone. I came across a truck today and they all had such warning lights. fps suddenly crashed. I don't think this is the right vehicle design. this kind of design, I think, should be 'kicked'.
  13. Öneri Adı: güvenli oyun içi mesajlar yazın. Öneri Açıklaması: Bu oyunu 'klavye' ile oynayan kişiler. örneğin klavye ile oynuyorum. Oyun içi mesaj yazarken çok fazla zorluk var. çünkü 'y' tuşuna bastığımızda, kamyonu hiçbir şekilde yönlendiremiyoruz. ve bu yüzden riskli ve hatta bazı kazalara neden oluyoruz. Oyun içi mesaj yazarken: Fare ile yön verebilirsiniz. Oyun içi bir mesaj yazarken: direksiyon simidi ile yön verebilirsiniz. Oyun içi mesajlar yazarken: neden klavye yön tuşları için talimat veremiyoruz? bu yüzden TMP ekibine önerim . Klavye ile oynayan kişilere adaletsizlikten kaçınmak için, 'y' tuşuna (oyun içi mesaj tuşu) basarken ok tuşlarıyla kontrol edebilmek. Herhangi bir örnek resim: 3 gün önce bir yasak aldım. Nedeni, mesajlaşırken meydana gelen küçük kazadır. 10 days ban. Neden eklenmeli ?: Klavye ile oynayanlar için daha güvenli yol. daha iyi mesajlaşma.
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