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  3. Hello sparkoz, In-game CB is widely used in crowded areas. In fact, sometimes there is really a lot of noise and it can annoy people. If you don't hear any sound even in crowded areas, check your sound settings in the "TAB". I will direct you to a guide to be able to assist you further. You can view the guide here. Hope this helps you. Best regards, Agential.
  4. Hello there, TruckersMP only supports local mods. This means you can only use local modes when playing Multiplayer. In addition, local modes only appear on you, the other users can't see these modes. Also you can only play the ProMods map on ProMods servers. Read this article if you don't know how to install ProMods in TruckersMP. You can also see which mods TruckersMP supports (except local mods) in this article. Best regards, Agential.
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