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  1. Happy Birthday ❤️

  2. Happy Birthday🎉

  3. 6 years already lol

  4. I’d highly recommend using Bootstrap 4 for making sites look good on all platforms and fast. If you do not want/cannot use it, I’d recommend you reading thesitewizard regarding the code part and CopyBlogger for general tips
  5. Mornin

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      good morning


    Hi. I’m working on alternative launcher for TruckersMP. What would you guys like to see?

  7. Good morning!

  8. G’arvo.. How’s life?

  9. Good Afternoon

  10. G’day

    1. SupiUK


      Hello, I hope you have a great day! :D 

  11. After some time, bans “cool down”, so ban history does no longer apply. PS: Read rules, everything you need is there
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