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  1. I wish all TMP staff and truck drivers a happy New Year in 2024. May TMP do better in the new year.🎉

    1. L-DR@GO


      Wish you the same Bro 👍

  2. Happy birthday🎂

    1. ZaroMW


      Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and follow @Abide、骑士 ❤️ 

  3. I wish the event a complete success
  4. Merry Christmas! It's my first time to participate in such activities. Although I don't have much donations and my personal ability is limited, I thank the official activities. I hope a little help can help them. Thank you.
  5. Name: Participant intentionally blocked the main road Suggestion: Dear management personnel, There have been passengers intentionally causing traffic congestion on the road from Hilkones to the mining site for a long time. I hope that the management personnel can strictly manage the situation. The goods are being pulled from a long distance and about to enter the unloading site. The road is congested and intentionally parked for a long time, causing a lot of trouble for other players. The traffic congestion lasts for a long time, and sometimes it is not intentional. It can be understood that if it is intentional traffic congestion, it will make players very painful. thanks
  6. Dear administrator, Hillcones mine road for a long time there are riders deliberately caused traffic jams, I hope administrators can strictly manage, sometimes the goods to go up where to block for a long time, causing a lot of trouble for other players, traffic jams for a long time, sometimes not intentional traffic jams can be understood, if it is intentional traffic jams will make players very distressed. thank you
  7. After a long absence, I have returned to the TMP membership and miss you all very much

  8. 上午好。美好的一天。

    1. Misty Island

      Misty Island

      上午好!我的朋友 祝你天天开心!

  9. 上午好啊,又是好久没有来了

  10. TMP活动还有多久开始

  11. 公众人员是否可以参加,谢谢:tmp:

  12. 预祝今晚活动圆满结束?:tmp:

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