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  1. Happy Birthday :kappa:🎂

    1. [Riva] Sancho

      [Riva] Sancho

      Thank you, my friend 🤩

  2. @Next7 Translation Manager ➜ Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  3. @OmSaL Retired Team Member ➜ Community Moderator (Forum) 27.04.2024 @pofii Community Moderator Trainee ➜ Community Moderator (Full Forum)
  4. @pofii Player ➜ Community Moderator Trainee (Full Forum)
  5. // Moved to Yardım / Destek
  6. @Cute Fast Game Moderator + Community Moderator Trainee (Discord) ➜ Game Moderator + Community Moderator (Discord)
  7. @Cute Fast Game Moderator ➜ Game Moderator + Community Moderator Trainee (Discord)
  8. @CrackPrewier Player ➜ Translator Trainee
  9. // Moved to Hilfe (German Help Subforum)
  10. @Mavi~ Game Moderator ➜ Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  11. Merhaba, Konu on dört (14) günden daha fazla in-aktif olduğu için, konuyu kilitleyip Arşiv bölümüne taşıyacağım. Bu prosedürler, forumu organize etmek ve düzenli bir hale getirmek için uygulanmaktadır. Anlayışınız için teşekkürler! Saygılarımla, DatSpeed TruckersMP Community Moderator Leader // Locked and Moved to "Arşiv"
  12. DatSpeed


    // Moved to Turkish Discussion
  13. // Moved to Yardım / Destek
  14. // Moved to Yardım / Destek
  15. @OmSaL Community Moderator (Forum) --> Retired Team Member (Ayrıldı)
  16. Hey @THE_Idiot. If you feel like you somehow got banned whilst you were not playing the game and the ban is already expired, only way to discuss this matter is via the feedback system. You can create a feedback ticket via the link below: https://truckersmp.com/feedback/ For this matter, you should choose "Game Moderation Management" as category. Please make sure to explain the situation in detail.
  17. // Moved to Help
  18. @DieseL. Support + Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Support + Report Moderator
  19. @Dеniz Game Moderation Trainee ➜ Report Moderator
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