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  1. it is more difficult because the integer corresponding to the number of players is static and much more difficult to identify. I'm trying with ida pro and Cheat Engine. I haven't played with it in a long time and I don't remember much. Static address = 0x8 (American Truck Simulator Dedicated Server - steam://rungameid/2239530) Finding the if that validates if the number of players is equal to 2 or less than 8 is already possible to make a detour.
  2. @Soul Contracts I find the truckersmp multiplayer server interesting, but it is limited, as it does not accept working outside the truckersmp environment and also no mod other than the official server that accepts 100% of any mod.
  3. @Soul Contracts I don't believe SCS will change the amount of players to 128. The game's graphics engine is very bad and even the developer (mwl4) of TruckersMP using as an example in the past told me that the engine is limited and leaves a lot to be desired. Officially I doubt that SCS has this commitment.
  4. Any programmer and asm specialist who can find the address that corresponds to the max_players variable. I tried via IDA PRO but I don't master the tool. Thanks
  5. Hello Team TruckersMP folks. My suggestion is simple and straightforward. Why doesn't the TruckersMP team release the truckersmp server application so that people can mount the server on their own computer? Benefits of this action. 1 - Less overhead on official servers, generating lower cost of data traffic 2 - Savings in the cost of APIs and VPC needed to run the applications. 3 - There would be more servers available in various regions of the world 4 - The server connection could be on an online site, example of the BeamNG Multiplayer mod, where you open the server locally and through a master key the server is visible to anyone who wants to participate. Is this idea viable? Stay with God.
  6. For people who don't have much idea of how the game's multiplayer is made, I will explain briefly and the team will correct me if I have written something wrong. I will try to explain it in the simplest possible way. There is such a thing as reverse engineering. Imagine that the @mwl4 hears a high-pitched sound on the path motor there is no option to change this high-pitched motor sound. Then mwl4 opens the program (executable file responsible for opening the game and executing all the features) then through reverse engineering mwl4 opens this file in a tool called IDA PRO that is responsible for taking the file and converting it into a language machine that we can call assembly. Mwl4 has to find out between hundreds of millions of lines of code where the instruction that makes the high-end engine work is left and then after hours, days and many sleepless nights, it discovers and creates a program that injects an instruction modified by over the original game instruction by changing the sound from high to low. You have no idea, I think most do not know how complex it is to reverse engineer a program. Imagine that every time a new version of the game comes up, mwl4 has to discover the news and addresses within those hundreds of thousands of lines of code all over again and extract these new instructions in the multiplayer project and he needs to do that at the same time before that it works in sync. Be patient and support this @mwl4(I don't know the other developer) because this guy has a lot of hard work to provide gameplay for everyone. Thanks and good luck to the team
  7. More than justifying that the project cannot be open-source since it does not have any code that would legally compromise the team. I don't think you will find a resource of the caliber of @ mwl4 anytime soon. We know that it is very difficult, so the idea of opening up so that several people can work in a specific part of the project arose.
  8. Open the project and make it open-source, FiveM had the same problem and after it went to github thousands of developers started to help and it evolved in such a way that it surpassed the original game. Go for it I have been in this IT area for over 25 years and sharing information is the secret of the business. I bet that many experienced programmers will appear as it was in the FiveM Project (GTA5 Framework) (CitizenFX). Go for me buddy, it's time for everyone to help build this mod @mwl4
  9. Open the source and let the community help. it's full of programmers and people who are experts in reverse engineering, which is what is needed to program the mod. I know it is complex to deal with this because mwl4 has to open IDA PRO to find the correct code and translate it to the mod. I know that most here have no idea how complex and boring it is to do this. it takes a huge time. I know this because I work safely and I also do these shits. What is so special about this code that it cannot be shared?
  10. The problem is not the waiting time for the new mod. I see a problem with overloading mwl4. The guy eats, sleeps, breathes he is human like us ahaha and that harms and consumes all his time. The guy really does it out of love because no programmer would do it alone without going crazy LOL. But everything will be all right. If anyone needs help, I'm available. And people have to learn to wait and understand. I hope everyone has the common sense to know that he is practically a developer doing all the complex work. @mwl4if it's your birthday, congratulations and all the best for you; if (birthday == "mwl4") { std::cout << "congratulations"; } else { std::cout << "waiting for the next birthday LOL"; }
  11. I wrote as a comparison that when you open the source, there are more developers working and so the build would come out faster. A larger team produces more. I meant in that sense. The MWL4 does practically everything on its own, he is the guy who knows the prism3d engine in depth as nobody knows. he must know even more than SCS itself, but fortunately he has life outside the project and I believe he has several commitments. My idea was as a way for several people to contribute and for him to have less work overload. I imagine that the TruckersMP source is bigger than the game itself, the reverse engineering is extremely complex.
  12. @DigitalIf the source code were open to the community, we could help and contribute to the project's development. Unfortunately, I don't know why this project is not open-source. For example, fivem is open source and has a dll that limits any cheating on the part of malicious users. This would lessen the workload for developers. Think about it, it is an interesting proposal and you can do it without compromising anyone. I also understand that the skills for reverse engineering to be done is very advanced, a guy with no knowledge of C ++ and assembly can't even imagine how to help. I bet you have several programmers interested in helping with the project. I have this knowledge in depth. I've done dozens of reverse codes, exploits and crash exploitation programs. But I don't agree with closed source, although that is a totally respectable right.
  13. Hi @mwl4 and @ShawnCZek Does the new update for ATS need to reverse engineer the new truck and implement in build 1.37.x? Thanks for the information
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