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  1. Meow everyone,

    In order to answer everyone who is asking me about the new editing rule, at once, i will write here, and I edited the save editing topic with this same information, if you would like to read it there.


    The local save editing is not allowed only when the editing is made by /home/ path/prefix, other than that, it is still allowed.

    What we mean... Customized addon parts such as steering wheels, light bars, headlights, and similar are still permitted. But, following the allowed steps of course. And edited stuff with the default things of game, for example, you can use a Scania's sound in a Volvo, it is alright to be used. Well, the editions that do not follow the rules and our specifications, will end up being kicked from the game.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The editing topic is here if you would like to have a visit or clear a doubt: 

    Thank you all.

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