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  1. 15 minutes ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:


    I've had this discussion plenty of times and i will reply to you the same thing that i've said over and over again. There is only one reason to lift the speed limit, the most practical of all and that is to attract a bunch of players back in the servers.


    TMP is an MMO-mod first and foremost and if it wants to remain so, it needs to start thinking of a strategy to increase its playerbase. Because TMP needs thousands of users to compensate for the lack of AI traffic (Which is technically very hard to implement). So It can't and won't exist without a solid playerbase. 

    Otherwise, as it's proven with so many other MMO-Communities before it, a declining playerbase is always followed by a server shutdown. Servers are already struggling to fill up and as Convoy mode gets more & more features, TMP will become more & more irrelevant. The input of players can't compensate the output anymore.  


    You see, in the past, anyone who was looking for multiplayer in ETS2 was directed to TMP. Nowadays the new players will never hear about this community because Convoy mode is in the vanilla game and they don't need to look any further. And Convoy will only become better. 


    So if you ask me, TMP had it easy in the past and was surviving by monopolizing the multiplayer on ETS2. But facing the grim reality is understanding that you can't have a niche and simulation-oriented community in a massive multiplayer game. 


    This advantage of having a larger audience massively outweighs any argument regarding simulation driving because there's no mod if there are no players. Otherwise, the best course for TMP is to create its own Community Servers in Convoy Mode if & when SCS make them available.


    Lifting the limiter isn't going to do what you think it will, and it was already well known with, or without limiter, that Convoy would take from the player base. That was expected. Adding the limiter has lowered high speed crashes, lowered the amount of people losing control because they think they can take a turn at 150+kph, and lowered report count due to the lowered amount of crashes.

    If you want to go fast, go play a racing game. This ain't it.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:


    This is a childish logic. By your logic, why do we need collisions in the simulation server either? We may as well remove them as in a simulation environment since we're driving safely, we wouldn't notice NCZ anyway.


    Plus Immersion is a personal preference, and i simply pointed out why people keep choosing the Sim Server over Arcade. And it's not because that 'people would rather play with the limiter on, and only a select few really want it off'. If you've been here long enough, you'd know that a Sim Server existed before the RTS (Road to Simulation) with a speed limit known as #EU1 and it was always empty because shockingly most people preferred driving at higher speeds. 


    It's also one of the reasons the TMP community has stopped growing the past years even though ETS2 has kept expanding and is quite successful (more than it was 3-4 years ago) based on the steam charts


    I'm the childish one? You're the one that doesn't like that we can't go over 110 kph on a SIMULATION game (which in real life limits it to 90kph, so be glad you get to go 20kph over), and will probably keep complaining since it will stay in place.. No limit wrecked havoc, especially when it came to people using WOT loads and were limited to 90kph. It's here to stay, like it or not.


    Give me one good practical reason (other then getting to point a to point b faster, which isn't a good reason), that the speedlimiter should be removed? I'll wait.

  3. 22 hours ago, Random_Truck_Driver said:
    1. Rain Sync - Road Events Sync
    2. Server Side Economy (Without the ability to hire AI drivers to produce you money). No more player accounts with unlimited number of money & XP. Real Progress in the Servers should be a sign of committed players. Also visiting the Repair shop should hurt. That will greatly reduce reckless driving.
    3. As a follow-up to Server-Side Economy, no Speed Limit. If you want speed, go ahead but if you crash, the 100k visit to the repair shop will make you think twice before your drive fast again.


    Technically speaking AI traffic & Mod support is very hard to achieve, so i will stick to those 3.



    The reason people choose the Sim Server and not the Arcade, is because the Arcade Server has no collisions enabled. If they did enable collisions in the arcade, the playerbase would shift on the Arcade Server. 


    And why do people want collisions, and high speed? To ram.

    If you actually wanted the no-limit, without causing collisions, you would be over on the no limit server and not even notice NCZ was enabled since if you are driving safely, you wouldn't be anywhere close to a person to be able to collide with them... So please, do not give me that excuse. Please also don't yell out "BUT MY IMMERSION" because a truck speeding down the road at 180kph is also immersion breaking...

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  4. 2 hours ago, GH-Sponsor said:

    The problem is that I didn't evade any ban. Did he do it intentionally or unintentionally?

    I just looked up accounts on the public end, and even without the TMP backend stuff. I can tell you evaded permanent bans on previous accounts.....

    Stop trying to play the victim. You evaded bans, you receive the consequence for doing so.

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  5. 3 hours ago, GH-Sponsor said:

    The question is, my current administrator actually forbids me to appeal and can't give feedback. What's the logic? Is this bullying us Chinese?

    From your ban history (public), you were Permanently banned for Ban Evading, not for having 5+ bans within a 1 year period.

    As stated in the news post, this only applies to Bans placed under Rule 2.8. Your ban is placed under Rule 1.2, and therefore is not subject to being lifted and will remain in place. This has nothing to do about nationality. This has everything to do with you evading a validly placed ban.

  6. 58 minutes ago, Diaval_ said:

    I have to say this directly that no matter how much the server capacity may seem high, highways, main roads and 2ndry roads (DLC Regions) are really empty and it is very boring to travel alone. For a game that seeks realism, AI cars must be enabled in a synchronized manner. I strongly recommend this. At the very least, it can be disabled for very populated areas and surroundings.  Secondly the speed limit, this can only be enabled in crowded areas. It is very annoying to travel with 110 on empty highways without AI cars. It has no fun. We must at least regain the freedom to speed in uncrowded areas.  

    AI Traffic is already being researched and worked on. Information can be found in the following forum post here.

    Speedlimiter is here to stay. This has been, and will always be a hotly contested debate, but it will not change as high speed has been a factor that increased reports/issues. There are multiple servers, and some of them already have the speed limiter disabled. If you want to play without a speed limiter, go on a server without the limit enabled. It's clear that people would rather play with the limiter on, and only a select few really want it off. Otherwise, they would be flocking to the servers that already have the limiter disbaled. But, they do not.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ibrahim Ceylan said:

    the old rule was better now the banned trolls will come and bother people

    They already came back through ban evasion. This change will literally make little to no difference, other then the possibility that now, they know they come back in 90 days instead of being permanently removed. So some may actually wait the 90 days out, rather then making a new account and causing trouble 2 days after being banned.

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  8. This is, fine.

    You can never have a perfect system when it comes to banning, or removing people from an online community. Someone, somewhere, is always going to have their two-cents and complain about it because it affects them.

    Overall, its good that there is no longer permanent bans for multiple offenses. There were some who got caught up in it, even with slight mistakes. So them being able to come back and enjoy the game is a good thing.


    Also, this allowance, may actually have some of those who try to avoid their ban, not avoid it, now knowing that they are going to be able to come back after 90 days rather then suffer permanently being removed.


    All this being said, I don't think it will make too major of a difference. There were trolls before, and there will still be trolls after regardless of this change. This at least opens up to people who do make the honest multiple mistakes, either through lag or whatever.

  9. 3 hours ago, Granite said:

    The game focuses on long distance higway trucks, that's simply market that Tatra's production has never been aimed for.

    What they are known for are off-road or all-terrain 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 trucks for construction, agriculture, forrestry and other utility vehicles, like dump trucks,  fire trucks, logging trucks, mobile cranes or concrete mixers.

    They are also known for military production and involvement in rally racing, most notably the Dakar Rally.


    According to their website, Tatra sold 1277 vehicles last year, 40% of that in Czech and Slovak Republic, the rest exported, and 50% of total as part of military contracts, so that would be surpirising to see one on the road in Spain.

    You are probably more likely to find one in Australia.


    First off, it's Tatra, not Tarta, and it's one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world still in bussiness (car production ended in 1999), I think only surpassed by french Peugeot.

    I admitt, their trucks are not what they used to be, until 2011 when cooperation with DAF started, they would use their own cabs and proprietary air-cooled V8 engines and tansmissions, but I wouldn't say Phoenix is  rebranded DAF, it uses cabin manufactured by DAF, Paccar MX engines and ZF or Allison transmissions, but still uses proprietary chassis/suspension and auxiliary transmissions, last time the model  was updated in 2018.

    Tatra Trucks is manufacturer aimed at niche markets (see begining of this post), you don't see them hauling goods on the roads and highway, it would make little sense to add in ETS2, maybe game like Snowrunner would be more appropriate.

    Morover, every manufacturer in the game offers similar civilian off-road production line which I would be much more interested in seeing in game, at least as AI-traffic, because these can actually be found everywhere around Europe, but instead we have some placeholder AI-truck based off of some forgotten slovenian truck from 1990 which you will see everywhere in the game that's driving 70km/h on highways, causing traffic jams.

    My bad. That was 3AM brain spelling. I meant Tatra, not Tarta lol.


    And the cab itself being manufactured by DAF is where I point at it being a rebranded DAF. Sure underneath it may not be all DAF, but the cab being manufactured by DAF gives it a look of the lower model DAF that we already have in game, at least to me. There are probably differences, but not enough to really make it super different to me.


    And don't get me wrong, I'm all for having more trucks in the game and I would find it interesting they add more small name companies that make lorries to give us something different to drive other then the big major companies, but I'm sure shareholders and the companies SCS already have licensed are not going to be for it, as they want the major companies represented over the smaller ones.

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  10. Hard to really say definitively as none of us work for SCS. However, from the looks of at least Tarta's website, they aren't really branding themself as a lorry/trailer hauling vehicle. A lot of their advertisement and descriptions are geared more towards specialized vehicles for agriculture, construction and such.


    The only thing I see that relatively resembles a lorry and would be able to haul a trailer is the Tarta Phoenix 185, and even then it looks like it was first produced in 2011 and hasn't had any sort of refresh since.


    All that said, its going to probably be a combination of not having the license, and the fact that Tarta has a limited/non-existent modern line-up. Even if they were to go out and release some fictional company for Tarta like they did for Mercedes and the like, you'd really just be making another DAF at that point, seeing in how Tarta's trucks are re-badged DAF more or less.

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  11. On 11/4/2018 at 6:55 AM, grundi2601 said:

    I've a question for this:


    Will any Staff member or user able to apply for this position or does anyone have to be promoted for the position?

    And: Will the team Leaders continue to exist or will they all get a promotion (or will moved into) for the HR-team?

    Surprised there isn't an answer for you yet. Human Resources is an Upper Staff position. Recruitment for the position is done internally with staff. As it stands, it will not be available for general users to apply to the position.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Maka_paka said:

    Hi Soul Knight and NicktheOne,

    My settings are exactly same with those on youtubers and still doesn't work. And my sensitivity went to max while non linearity set to 0. I just played four days and suddenly the fifth day, the steering went loose when turning. I will show you in youtube once i upload the video.



    I had some slightly similar issues with my G29 earlier before. You'll want to go into your LGS program, and check the following for the settings.


    1. Select your wheel on the bottom bar.

    2. Select Default Profile within your profiles. Then click on the steering wheel option. Wheel Operating Range should be set to 900 degrees, and for me, I have Centering Spring enabled and set to 100% with a Wheel Sensitivity of 50% (You can play around with it and adjust from there to your liking)

    3. Select your Euro Truck Simulator Profile at the top, and adjust to the same settings you set for Default.


    I recommend setting both Default and the ETS profiles, as LGS is a bit picky and will sometimes pick one, or the other, for ETS. Also, not sure why the guy in the video recommends 400 degrees... ETS recognizes 900 degree rotation as 1:1 steering.

  13. Do you have the ATS game linked in your profile settings for TruckersMP? You can check at the following link https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings


    Make sure that your Steam Profile is visible to the public, as well as your Game Details. Also make sure that the check box is blank for "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details.", so that your game time is public as well.


    If you have done all that, and it still isn't working, post any screenshots of errors you are receiving.


    EDIT: Bossik beat me to it :(

  14. 2 hours ago, grundi2601 said:

    @Prime this update is very very bad for many users who have a really big reputation & are known by many many players.


    Example because the system is bad:

    Until 2015 every user could be banned with reason "AFK at EP" or "Overtaking at EP". Now you cannot get banned for this.


    Please @Prime, edit the system, that all bans until 2016 or 2017 will not counted because there were many old and unnecessary rules. "Parking at EP" shouldn't be a reason for count this in the maximum of 3 bans which everybody can have to apply in recruitments!

    CD Road of 2018 turned into the EP of 2016. Not too sure about AFK (though I believe AFK/Parking is just a kick now? Don't quote me..) but Inappropriate Overtaking on CD (and anywhere for that matter) still leads to a ban, which is what Overtaking bans at EP in 2016 were aimed at as well.


    And just because it isn't a rule now, doesn't mean it shouldn't count as a ban...you were banned because you violated established rules at the time. Doesn't matter when that time was, at one point there was a rule and you violated it.

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  15. I approve of the change.


    People will hate it people will love it. Personally, if you have aspirations of being an admin, you should know the rules and be following them all the time. They allow up to 3 mistakes. By the time you receive your second ban, even your first, you are made aware of the rules you violated, and should do your best to read the rules and follow them, especially if you are going to plan on applying for a staff position.


    Again, while people hate it, it makes sense to a degree, especially with the volume of apps they already receive. If this reduces the load, and helps narrow down the best of the best, then I'm for it.

  16. Hello!


    Please make sure you have the latest version of ETS2 Downloaded.


    - Open your Steam Application

    - Goto ETS2 in your Library, and open Properties

    - Goto the BETA tab, and ensure you have NONE - Opt out of all BETA programs selected.


    It should start to download the correct, 1.32 version. Once downloaded, you should be good to go! :D

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  17. Hello!


    Please goto your Euro Truck Simulator 2 Properties on Steam. From there, goto the BETA tab and ensure you have the NONE - Opt out of all beta programs selected. It would then process the update to your game.


    If that does not work, I would recommend downgrading again to the Temporary_1_31 BETA, then upgrade again to the NONE - Opt out of all beta programs. You may need to restart your Steam Client and/or your computer for the update to work as intended.

  18. 47 minutes ago, di9girl said:


    Hopping on this post:


    So, having done this, I open the Truckers MP launcher box and click either ATS or ETS2 and it should work fine?

     Yes it should work for you after you do that.

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  19. Just now, Slayerinetti said:

    I'm new to this, buy the game a couple of days ago, I have to put "none" in betas and then start the launcher?

    It should be able to be done in either order, but I would recommend opting out on the Steam Launcher first. Then when you open the TMP Launcher, it should notify you on the right side of the launcher that you have updates that need to install for ATS, ETS2, and System, or just ETS2 and System if you only have ETS2.  You would want to make sure all boxes are checked, and then click the Install Updates button right below.

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  20. 9 minutes ago, Slayerinetti said:

    Hello I need help I can not open the launcher, I get that in the launcher I have version and I need the other version but I can not see it, how do I solve it?

    You need to follow the same steps you followed for downgrading, with one different step. Go into Steam Library, right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2, then goto Properties. Goto the BETA section of properties, and OPT OUT of all BETAs. This will give you the current, up-to-date 1.32 version of ETS2.

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