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  1. Suggestion Name: Add links to blog translations on the blog page Suggestion Description: Similar to the knowledgebase articles, the official TruckersMP blog page should have links to any existing translation of the posts. Some of these translations can be found in the Information section under an specific language An example image:
  2. Suggestion Name: Better server management Suggestion Description: Keep the minimum number of available servers possible. Just a Simulation server (and ProMods server for ets2). For example, you can just enter simulation 2 if simulation 1 is already full. - I would remove region servers as they are most of the time empty and they have a cost by having the players even more divided. - The region servers removed could be used for events that request a server nearer to their region. - The arcade servers aren't really needed anymore. If someone wants to race with friends they can do it safely in the new convoy sessions. Why should it be added?: As this is kinda a mmo it would be nice to keep all the online players together into one server until it's full. That way servers won't be so half-empty with all the players being in different servers.
  3. nice garage ambient music!
  4. Oh that would be perfect! The best option is to let the user change the key or button in mic settings
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