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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, HumaneWolf. I thought it might be something like that but it's always nice to get confirmation.
  2. The thing is, I can't see how it wouldn't work on multiplayer, as all the changes it makes are client-side. That's why I was asking if there's anything code-wise in it that might break something when applied to a multiplayer profile, but it seems like I won't get an answer from here, which is understandable. I'd rather have the devs working on getting the multiplayer forward rather than answering questions like these, and to be honest, I'm not sure why I even thought I might get an answer to my question in the first place.
  3. The mod in picture is a realistic version I use, the one I linked has all the info the default route advisor has including your speed, gear, damage, fuel, etc.
  4. Yes, I gathered that much by reading everything else here, my question was posted only because of idle curiosity above everything else. I was hoping for a more in-depth answer but I understand if we have to keep it to the basics.
  5. I've just found a great route advisor mod that I'm now using in my singleplayer profiles. I was wondering if it creates conflicts with the multiplayer mod, as it only changes the place and type of information the default route advisor shows, as shown in the picture. Are there any problems with using these kinds of UI and HUD tweaks in multiplayer as they don't really affect anything but how the information is presented to the user visually? I've understood other mods are prohibited from use if they require additional files not available in the game (new trucks, cargoes, maps, etc.) or if they create problems with other mp users (some of the truck and trailer tweaks) but this mod cannot really be seen other than by the mod user himself so I can't see any conflicts except maybe code-wise, hence why I'm asking. Here's a link to the mod-page as well, if you require some other information or a short demonstration of the mod.
  6. Muistaakseni tästä oli puhetta jo aikaisemmin vanhalla foorumilla, päädyttiin siihen tulokseen, että ei taida paljoa aktiivisia suomalaiskuskeja löytyä foorumin puolelta, jotka eivät jo ole jossakin yhtiössä, joten suomiyhtiötä ei sitten perustettu. Kyllähän sitä aina voi yrittää, mutta sanon suoraan, että itse en siihen ole liittymässä, Stobart on jo tarpeeksi meikäläiselle.
  7. Arezkimo

    ETS2MP Meme Thread

    The proper term would be facedesk, methinks. Deskpalm doesn't make it any less funny, though.
  8. Arezkimo

    ETS2MP Meme Thread

    The problem with that is that I adhere to the truck speed limits shown on the GPS, hence, had he had the best engine, he most likely would have caught up to me. Besides, getting to the speed limiter, now that it is as high as it is, in a Renault Premium with a trailer is not easily done. But yeah, I probably should have mentioned the speed I was going at in the post above. The point you mentioned is also the reason why I drive as 'slow' as I do, so that other people (who usually are more impatient / faster than me) won't have such a hard time overtaking.
  9. If you need any help with the video (another trucker so you don't need to rely on random passer-bys) just give me a holler on Steam, name's the same as on the forum.
  10. Arezkimo

    ETS2MP Meme Thread

    I overtook an FH16 yesterday with my Renault Premium, although I guess he had just logged in on the highway and was trying to get to speed. He never caught up with me afterwards, though, even though I could see him on the player list for a long long while. I presume he was driving a newer profile without the better engines or something.
  11. Aye, compared to ProMods, TSM is lacking a lot in terms of quality. But on the other hand, TSM offers a much larger world to explore with somewhat personalized areas around the copy and pasted ones (the few that exist). So it's all a matter of quality vs quantity and what the player is looking for. Hence I try and keep slandering either to a minimum, both are excellent map mods in their own way.
  12. Kyllä tällä foorumilla suomalaisia luulisi olevan, tosin pitkään sai odottaa suomenkielisen foorumin avautumista. Voi olla, että useimmat eivät joko löydä tänne tai eivät vain välitä.
  13. Europe, as Finland is not actually part of Scandinavia (and not included in the parenthesis).
  14. If that's a case, I apologize for my assumptions. I somehow got that kind of a vibe from your post. Of course, it is amusing when you think about it, but it still is something none of us can affect, so I'm not sure why it is even raised up in the first place.
  15. I find it amusing that you criticize the seekers of 'realism' for something they can't change. The game is what it is and making a 1:1 map would take ages and wouldn't be very popular, you know why? The map would be almost completely empty, at least in ETS2MP. Think about it, we can have 2-4k players on the server on the 1:19 map and the roads are still relatively empty, especially in the eastern parts of the map. Increasing the size of the map would just scatter the players in a larger area and contact with other players would be relatively rare. In addition to that, the time needed to take a trip from one end of the map to the other would take days, even weeks, as most people can't afford to spend ten hours driving a virtual truck to make decent progress towards their goal. At this point the game would effectively turn into a full-time job if you want to succeed in it. Which, again, isn't what the game devs were looking for. Nor were the MP devs either, and I believe most of playerbase wouldn't like the change either, 'realist' players included. I would like to try the mode, but I'm sure it wouldn't be as fun as the current setup where you can effectively log in for half an hour and drive through scenic European routes and relax. After all, this is still a game, even if it claims to be a simulator. Just in case you're just trying to antagonize the realism-seekers, I have one thing to say to you. Please, do think what you're about to say before opening your mouth. This jab against a certain part of the huge playerbase was a bit underwhelming, as it more amused me than angered. Have a nice day.
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