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  1. Thanks for clearing that up, HumaneWolf. I thought it might be something like that but it's always nice to get confirmation.
  2. The thing is, I can't see how it wouldn't work on multiplayer, as all the changes it makes are client-side. That's why I was asking if there's anything code-wise in it that might break something when applied to a multiplayer profile, but it seems like I won't get an answer from here, which is understandable. I'd rather have the devs working on getting the multiplayer forward rather than answering questions like these, and to be honest, I'm not sure why I even thought I might get an answer to my question in the first place.
  3. The mod in picture is a realistic version I use, the one I linked has all the info the default route advisor has including your speed, gear, damage, fuel, etc.
  4. Yes, I gathered that much by reading everything else here, my question was posted only because of idle curiosity above everything else. I was hoping for a more in-depth answer but I understand if we have to keep it to the basics.
  5. I've just found a great route advisor mod that I'm now using in my singleplayer profiles. I was wondering if it creates conflicts with the multiplayer mod, as it only changes the place and type of information the default route advisor shows, as shown in the picture. Are there any problems with using these kinds of UI and HUD tweaks in multiplayer as they don't really affect anything but how the information is presented to the user visually? I've understood other mods are prohibited from use if they require additional files not available in the game (new trucks, cargoes, maps, etc.) or if they create problems with other mp users (some of the truck and trailer tweaks) but this mod cannot really be seen other than by the mod user himself so I can't see any conflicts except maybe code-wise, hence why I'm asking. Here's a link to the mod-page as well, if you require some other information or a short demonstration of the mod.
  6. Muistaakseni tästä oli puhetta jo aikaisemmin vanhalla foorumilla, päädyttiin siihen tulokseen, että ei taida paljoa aktiivisia suomalaiskuskeja löytyä foorumin puolelta, jotka eivät jo ole jossakin yhtiössä, joten suomiyhtiötä ei sitten perustettu. Kyllähän sitä aina voi yrittää, mutta sanon suoraan, että itse en siihen ole liittymässä, Stobart on jo tarpeeksi meikäläiselle.
  7. If you need any help with the video (another trucker so you don't need to rely on random passer-bys) just give me a holler on Steam, name's the same as on the forum.
  8. Kyllä tällä foorumilla suomalaisia luulisi olevan, tosin pitkään sai odottaa suomenkielisen foorumin avautumista. Voi olla, että useimmat eivät joko löydä tänne tai eivät vain välitä.
  9. His ban is already lifted, as you could have found out in the accepted ban appeals section of the forum. I haven't encountered the problem myself, unfortunately.
  10. Fraps is free, but only for short vids. I use OBS for recording and occasional streaming but I haven't streamed in ages due to hardware issues.
  11. Sure, it's only a save game after all. I still like to keep the profiles separate incase there's something that breaks when you switch from SP to MP or the otherway around.
  12. As the last post said, depends on when you can log back in. The time on the server continues to go forward at the same speed all day, no matter if you are logged in or not, so the job will eventually be late if you don't log back in early enough. I myself learned this the hard way as I had to cut the playsession due to two sheep running free next to our house and I only got back to ETS2MP the next day, when my load was already late.
  13. The one you're using seems to be the exhaust brake, which comes with all the trucks in the game. What I believe GC_Stealth was referring to as the retarder is the optional retarder, which you can buy by selecting the gearbox with an R (Retarder) at the end. The retarder in-game is a powerful break, almost as strong as the "normal" brake but depending on the truck can come in either 3- or 5-step configurations, enabling the drivers to select how much they want to brake, with five taps of the assigned key being the strongest and one tap being the weakest. The first tap is helpful on keeping the speed in check when going downhill withoug messing up the fuel economy by using the exhaust brake or the air levels by using the brake pedal, while the strongest setting can often be used for stopping if the driver anticipates correctly. I've been using the retarder heavily once I learned how it works and can no longer see myself driving without one.
  14. I don't mind helping at all. This would be correct, weather is yet to be synchronized. I can surely say that brake intensity settings will count so two identical trucks might not brake at the same intensity. And I believe this is true for trailer stability too, but I haven't tested that as I have seen no reason to mess with that setting as of yet. Of this, I am not sure. There are people who say that the lights aren't synchronized anymore so take care with your driving even if it turns out to be false. Other players will only see your skin if they have bought the DLC themselves. No mods work with the MP mod as of yet, except for the ones made by the MP developer team (which are mostly created in the MP environment anyway). Or at least I haven't heard of mods that do work, not counting the so called "cheat mods" which add levels and money through save game editing. Those only work as they only change the save game and not the game itself. This might be because of the time issue you mentioned earlier, yes everyone runs on the same time, which is much slower than what you're used to in singleplayer. And because the load calculations are tied to the in-game time, the daily refreshment takes more time to happen, which results in longer wait times to get the newly acquired cargo you have unlocked through skills. Sleeping, fast traveling and using a ferry/train refreshes the lists even in MP so you can get the loads visible if you want. The easiest way to find the ID (not counting standing next to him) is through the TAB-list, where the ID is the left-most number on the list next to the players' name. You only have to type in that number for the report to work, as adding the player name can sometimes be very, very difficult, as there are players whose names are messed up due to them using cyrillic, greek or whatever different alphabet than latin. Imagine trying to report player ópå´sáfä¨åläöäó, for example. He might be long gone before you get all the characters correct. A serverside speed limit is in effect on EU1 and US1, meaning that all the trucks are limited to 90km/h automatically, no matter what the personal setting says. On EU2, which is commonly called Freeroam server, you can go as fast as you can but there are no collission zones and no admins to keep watch so people can do whatever they want. But in the case of EU1, which is the default server, the only times people get over the 90km/h limit is when they're going downhill with a heavy trailer (even a slight incline can boost a 25ton truck to go over the limit) and then for whatever long it takes for the speed to drop back under after the downhill. Of course, speedhacks have been made but will result in a permanent ban if caught so if you see a player zooming past you when you're going 90km/h and there have been no downhills lately, he might have an illegal cheat under his hood.
  15. The reason "F7+Enter" just means people are unncecessarily blocking the roads after they've crashed, flipped over, etc. when they should be going to the F7-tab and then press Enter to call a tow truck to take them to the nearest repair shop for a small fee depending on the distance, hence reducing the effect on traffic. But as people continue not using the service, admins often kick them out of the server to give them time to sort out their problem and let other players continue on their travels unhindered.
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