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  1. Hi, you can use ban appeal system. Read more here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1. Good luck and regards.
  2. Update #1.0.7 + added Portuguese language (thanks @Agricultor [PT] for your contribution) You can download update while running the application.
  3. Cześć, idąc chronologicznie zgodnie z twoimi punktami. Wydaje mi się, że aktywność na forum w pełni zależy od społeczności TruckersMP, czyli głównie graczy. Wiele osób tylko przegląda forum każdego dnia, natomiast mało kto jest aktywny. Z drugiej strony ciężko stworzyć coś, co uaktywni wszystkich graczy. Myślę też, że spora część młodych graczy po prostu nie interesuje się tym, co dla "weteranów" jest ciekawe - czyli przeglądanie forów, udział w dyskusjach etc. Takie moje zdanie. Co do twojej blokady, nałożona po zgłoszeniu przez report system. W związku z aktywnym banem masz zapewne zablokowany system zgłoszeń. Oto powód: Aktywny ban mija po 12 miesiącach. Twoja kara została nałożona 16 stycznia. A co do aktywności ekipy TruckersMP, to osobiście nie mam się do czego przyczepić. Dodają wiele ciekawych nowości, chociażby busy czy nadchodzący tajemniczy event.
  4. Personally I download/use winter mod only to change the look of the terrain and create an atmosphere appropriate to the real one. The only thing I don't use in the winter mod is the modification that reduces grip (as long as it was allowed). I've never enjoyed sliding and endangering others.
  5. API update - removed Dover for an unknown reason The application doesn't require updating, bus stops download automatically while launching.
  6. Hello, unfortunately, TMP doesn't have the option to create your own paint job for VTC. Probably the companies you've seen use default, but properly configured paint jobs. If you have seen any additional graphics (e.g. in photos in VTC galleries) on vehicles, they are probably added during processing in some program, or the photos were taken in single-player mode with some modification.
  7. I usually have weather turned on, but when my mood is worse, and sometimes it happens to everyone, I turn off the rain and enjoy nice weather. After all, the weather is something that improves the simulation even more.
  8. It's might be a form of incentive to buy the DLC. After all, they have to earn money from something.
  9. Hi, Looking at the amount of players in Hanover I'm considering doing it on SP. And as for the event itself.. they introduced paid DLC and then they make it available to everyone (I mean the factory and transport of Krone trailers). But overall it's nice that "something" is going on in the game and the SCS is still very ambitious.
  10. Update #1.0.6 - some bug fixes - slight optimization - updated REST API You can download update while running the application or from the link in the main post.
  11. Honestly, I think I got so used to driving every day and in the game that I turn them on out of habit, without having to control it in my head. ?
  12. I agree with that. Experienced players could have access to the page where they would get links to videos and decide whether the player should be punished or not. Whether or not the penalty would be given could be decided by the number of votes (eg 50 opinions from different players are required and 90% must vote in favor. If the votes were even, then the application would go to the moderator.
  13. Honestly, it's hard to come up with any solution to the current situation. In my opinion, the problem of "hanging submissions" may be the small or insufficiently available moderating staff. But that does not, of course, justify the people who generate tons of reports without supporting them with relevant evidence. Remember that each recording, regardless of its length, is reviewed by a moderator, which already extends the time. Maybe the introduction of "restrictions" on reports would be a solution? For example, the time limit of the video (clear message that players should trim the evidence, because the moderator, for example, will only watch the first 15/20 seconds of the video). Certainly, a larger number of people examining applications will also be useful. This is never enough, and the more, the faster each application will be processed. We don't know what moderator activity is currently like, if everyone is passively applying and actively considering reports.
  14. Hello, what do you mean by "loading station"? Some station that will imitate charging of the bus?
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