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  1. So it means I can still play with other player in offline with WoT?
  2. Hello guys, I'm in trouble. I just reset my computer and redownload everything I had before. I get in the application, right after selecting the sever, I cannot get an access to my online profile as shown https://imgur.com/a/JiSuGDj
  3. https://imgur.com/dMECJ1Y Guys help me plss, I got a problem with mods in Multiple Player. All of these mods work well with Single Player, but when I open Multiple Player it look like thishttps://imgur.com/vFH63Fo
  4. Hello guys, I have seen the winter mod when I launch my TruckerMP and I decided to download the mod from Grimes as mentioned in the title. After adding it directly to my EST2 mod folder, I can't see it in my mod manager. How can we make the mod become activated
  5. Wowwww....thank you guys.... I love u so muchhhhhh...... indeed it work!! But is it going to be reset after I quite the application or it will remain the same once i changed?
  6. Again, so the first step is off the cloud, go to the profile I'm using right now, then go to config and change the uset_g_simple_parking_double to "0" (it's 0 right now), and start the game again?
  7. I disabled cloud in steam already and I found so many profile, steam_ profiles and profiles. Mine is like yours, my doc\ETS2\profile . And i also can't fine console like you said.
  8. Let me try one more time, yeah my profile is related with steam cloud I think. And disable cloud, change config and start game ?
  9. I have changed it to "0" already in the config that located in my current profile, but I couldn't still get the hardest parking. What I see only "I am hurry or like straight parking". I can do a backing with a single trailer, but only straight parking is allowed with double trailer.
  10. I know how to park the double trailer, and I wanna take the challenge
  11. hello guys, I have struggled with parking the double trailer even I saw some topics already. I have tried to change my "uset g_simple_parking_doubles" to "0" already, but it's still not working. Any idea plsss??? I have changed the config in my current profile and I think I use steam cloud to save my progress, because i see steam_profile in my profile folder.
  12. yeah, now I understand. Thank you guys for helping me and sorry for one more question, I have a problem with my Profile. I had reached level 5 in MP version, but I did not know what happened to my profile, now I go back to level 1 again, is there anything wrong with my profile? Thank guys for helping me!!!
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