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  1. Warning google translate spotted
  2. how can i report a moderator ?
  3. It's time to downgrade!🤣

  4. server became a simulation platform after they take a decision to force for a multiplayer simulation i feel like i play on a singleplayer mod with bots
  5. it's only one person working on the update that's why it took too much time as they mentioned on the new update
  6. you don't know anything i'm here since january 2017 so in the past the server was way more better than today .it's true they fixed too many issues but they destroyed flavor of this multiplayer and became a boring platform.
  7. you're right man and this server became a place for moderators mentality they don't care about community they only stand with the ones who agree with them if you post a negative feedback they deleted it immediately

    1. NeonLeon


      Good morning! Have a great day ;) 

  9. i hope they add small trucks and an old version of every Truck Brand.
  10. HI , how can i join TMP6 Server i saw it in a video and i like it ?
  11. it's gonna take weeks before it gets support so be patient
  12. thanks for your reply but that's for promods i mean in the main server EU1
  13. Hi all, Did anyone notice in this platform only the UI suggestions get accepted but the game suggestion not even considered ? I want to hear your opinions thanks
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