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  1. thanks everybody for help i solve it
  2. hi, can someone help me with this
  3. i'm playing on an asus laptop with Nvidia Mx110 and an intel processor i3 8th gen
  4. After i read this article i realized now what this server is about I'm really sad because i bought this game 2 times and it's just for bringing the boring simulation in the single player to a multiplayer platform . I wish a good luck for everyone and I'm quitting this server and never playing multiplayer just waste of money . Have a nice day
  5. It's just a topic to discuss about it . Just give your opinion
  6. hi, Why every time i get banned for 4 days at list just because i touched or crashed into a truck or car and moderators not considering the intention of the player did he meant to ramm or he did it on purpose if a player didn't like the act that doesn't mean to ban the players . it's a multiplayer game ramming, reckless driving and trolling should happen and that what brings a taste to this game as you can see on youtube many channels make a funny moments and many poeple watching it and that's why i bought the game for and i know many other player think the same as i do . i don't mean that everyone should recklessly drive and bother other player what i mean exactly is the staff in this server should consider other player demands so can people enjoy this game maybe like creating a new server for that not like arcade or other server same server parameters with less rules . in my opinion if this situation in this platform continues, specially with moderators behaviors, this game will die soon i mean why i play on multiplayer when i should drive carefully like in real life i go and play offline better atleast with bots around me .
  7. Actually cars don't make a mess in the route because of its small size and unfortunately the trucks make the most of the messes because of the big size of it.also there's an other server without cars so u can play on it . and in my opinion the cars add a taste in this game and give a realistic view for the ets2 multiplayer
  8. Ah shit, here we go again .


  9. hi, when you donate on patreon the Master Trucker Badge is Permanent or Temporary ?
  10. Road to the Black Sea DLC especially the border control
  11. It's useless to put a join button when you need to fill the requirement of the vtc to join it .
  12. Kullanıcı adın da nakliyeci sefer olsa tam olurmuş 😂

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