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  1. How to find a locomotive.sii I have all dlcs installed, unpacked def.scs and cant find it
  2. I have these skills, and im still not able to find and do the caravan job
  3. What was the reason ? In 1.36 they were working as intended
  4. Im trying to deliver a caravan, but unfortunately I cannot find any. Did truckersmp remove it from the list job ? I also cannot find a caravan in the virtual speditor
  5. if you have a t3pa pedals, then save money for the shifter. Otherwise its a wasting money. T150 is already a decent wheel and better than g27 or g29. internal components
  6. I wanted to report guy and I get this message all the time. What im doing wrong. Incident happend about 22:40. We have 23:20 now ... I set the 22:40 UTC and its not working
  7. Hey Is there any way to fix this error ? I closed the game and suddenly the version of the game has changed. I look at the https://ets2map.com/ and I see that everything is working for the other players. //// I found the solution I had to set the game version for temporary_1_36
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