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  1. the question is rhetoric so you do not need to answer, but yet again I have I have xpired ( oplevet) something that makes me ask the question. I was driving south toward Geneve ,when a Blind man rammed me from behind because he could not wait 10 seconds till I was further south ( till I have passed by the exit ) and then he could use the exit with no problems at all. I was driving 90 km/h and suddenly I made a carusel. 10 MORE SECONDS and everything would have been fine. It happens close to Mannheim ( Mannheim was the closest workshop ) the time was ca. 0925 CET . There was no : " I am sorry" from the Blind mand. I did not see the name because when I was finish to carusel the BLIND man was long gone and and made a right turn at the bottom of the exit lane. And do not come with lame excuses like : my truck made you LAG. I do not buy that. I am mad and furius and Yes I have some vindictive thoughts like buying a car and ram every truck I see but then my commonsense are telling me, that it is not the way because , that the few times I have had incidents with cars, it could be because the car is hard to stear and therefor it really was an accident ( not foreseeable) ( the ets2 is not a racing/ car game) and of course most of you are not blind.
  2. I would like to see some Russian trucks. I know that there are mods out there but I do not like them. Mostly because it seems that Either the real Russians or the modders have forgotten about the noise. I doubt that a modern Kamaz in 2019 is making the same noise as trucks from "1950" ( the last said with a smile). I would love to see that SCS is creating some more of Russia.
  3. nice clours on your trucks


  4. Harald19672


    On singleplayer there is a mod called real tyres. with that mod where you can find "spiketyres" ( Dansk : Pigdæk ) everything is fine but I do not know if the michelin and goodyeartyres (DLCs ) are good enough for snow.
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