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  1. That could be very possible. Only the devs know for sure. The rest is just all speculation.
  2. Word is they are waiting for ETS2 to release 1.36 version first before updating the server. I know it's not really fair to make us with ATS to wait but we have no voice in the matter. I hate single player also and it sucks we cant play 1.36 on updated servers....
  3. What server are u playing on?? I have not encountered many bad drivers on the US server. Most of the drivers on the US server are very kind and considerate.
  4. Yep it shows as if its up and running but if you enter the server its still offline. Something definitely wrong with it. I hope that they read this forum and see there is a problem with it...
  5. Even though I do agree with the max speed limit of 80-81mph the dropping to 45 mph on interstates is not realistic at all the 55 mph tolerable. I have noticed that we as a whole that play ATS do not seem to have the problems with trolls and crashes that they have in EST2. With that being said and I think others would agree we need the speed limit set back to at least 55 on the interstates. The main thing about interstates and by-passes around cities was to not have to slow down for the speed limits in cities and losing valuable time. 45 mph is not realistic at all
  6. Thanks to the guys at TMP for getting us up and running again..
  7. I am also wondering same thing as above. Any idea when ATS will be updated to support the new version. Or any news on what taking so long. I know the is quite a bit of coding that goes on but I like the rest of the ATS community just wondering if this is going to be another weekend with out playing online. Thanks to the TMP crew that does this for all of us ATS and ETS 2 players
  8. You have to look at it this way though if the winter mod was put into ATS then u would have more on the ATS servers. If u look back on the Big Sur event the servers were over 1000 players. People get excited when more content is added. The way it stands now ATS does not get the same respect as ETS 2. If it was treated equal then I am sure more would play ATS. Saying that ETS 2 is the better sim is invalid because it is an older sim. In order for ATS to grow it needs the same attention that ETS 2 has received in the past. My point is that if it was ATS that was released before ETS 2 would ETS 2 get less attention.
  9. Forget it guys. We have requested the winter mod for ATS in the past but have never received it. It does snow in the northern parts of NV, CA and of course OR. But as we see it ETS 2 gets it and we don't. No use in crying over spilled milk as they say. Just my 2 cents
  10. Yes problem has resolved itself. Please close this thread. Thank you and keep up the great work that TMP does for the trucking sim community.
  11. Getting error msg when trying to log in to the US or Europe server for ATS. Says server is down for maintenance or overload. But I can see people in both server's. Any answers to this problem
  12. A friend and myself were getting same error. We uninstalled the new Volvo dlc. ( I believe this is the cause of the error ). When signing into TMP we had to load a saved game prior to today's date in order to connect after we downgraded of course. This should all be fixed soon when TMP updates to allow the Volvo in game. Soon I hope...
  13. I can second what shortpaw stated above. I was in the EU ATS server today and saw a bobtail going the other direction and he was nothing but a blur. I have a top notch gaming system and my fps are way above 30. In the US server we didn't have this going on really
  14. It still needs to be updated to work with new version 1.32. He may be waiting to update it after the Oregon DLC is released later this week.
  15. Lonewolf5805


    Anyone having problems with VTM Live not recording loads when pulling owned trailer's? Any suggestions or does it need updated to work with cargo market..
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