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  1. Good night, sleep well :D

    1. Arcticwolfs


      Good night there Zaro.

    2. Nightmaree.
  2. Good morning dear community,

    one coffee again and then day 3 of 60.000 km kontor contracts in SpedV.

    38.754 km left.
    Have a nice Wednesday :)


    1. Nightmaree.
    2. zb572


      22k km in one day? Good job ?

  3. Good morning dear community,

    now i drink a coffe and then the show must go on.
    Day 2 of 60.0000 km kontor contracts of SpedV.



    Have a nice tuesday :D

  4. Hello there :)

    The show must go on.

    60.000 km kontor contracts in SpedV. :)


  5. Thank you very much for ypur follow :)

  6. Good morning dear community,

    today i will need a coffe and then i take container contracts again.

    With  my new truck and trailer:



    Have all a nice sunday and drive save!!!

    1. Nightmaree.


      Good morning and nice truck

  7. Good morning dear community,

    a new day, new luck.

    Now i need a coffe and the i drive my kontor contracts.

    Have a nice Saturday! :)

    Maybe I'll stream again later ;)

  8. Good morining dear community,

    i wisch you a very nice friday and ne nice weekend :)

  9. Good morning dear community :)

    Now i need a coffee and then the day can come :D

    I wish you a nice day :D

  10. Have a nice evening and good night :) See you tomorrow :D

  11. Good Morning,

    in a few Moments, iam live on twitch. :)


  12. Good mornind in the morning :)
    In a few Moments i will start my Stream. SpedV Wor, Play ETS and IRL.

    Have a nice Day!!


  13. Good morning dear community,

    i will start my stream in a few moments.

    Thanks for coming :)


  14. Hello everyone,

    i hope you have a beautiful start in this week.

    Today i will stream our work at SpedV. At 7.00 p.m. MEZ the stream will start.

    A few moments before i will post my streamlink in my state again. :) I wish you a nice day and maybe see you later :)

  15. This tour was very funny :) Thank you so much for this convoy @Racyen, @Big Maik ( GER )


  16. https://www.twitch.tv/zaromw

    Live on Twitch, good morning stream with "Kontor contracts" from SpedV by order of the ISVL.

  17. Good morning in the morining. :)

    How are you? Did you have sleep well?

  18. Live on Twitch in a few moments. Good Morning stream on the roads of ETS2.



  19. Good morning my dears,

    in a few moments, i want to go to work in ets2 :P

    Have a nice Day :D


  20. thank you too :D:love:

  21. Vielen Dank für deinen Follow :D

  22. Thank you for your follow :)

  23. Thank you for your follow :)

  24. Thank you too for your Follow :)

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