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  1. It's not funny.
    You start a game to have a fun time, playing as a simulator you drive correct to respect others, but some players are just playing for hit or run like a racing game.

    My live stream was interrupted today because I can't finish my job passing by D.C. road, ONE MORE TIME I was smashed by a reckless driver and because I play using a World of Trucks jobs, F7 is my unique option because I can't reload my game.

    When you play, please consider others. In this video you can see the accident at the last minute.
    After this I quited the game.

    *(Soon I will do a formal report on Truckers MP website)



    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      If someone did something wrong then rest assured, Apocalypsenzn, that our team of Game Moderators will apply the appropriate punishment against the person you report if the evidence is valid. I am sorry you had to have such upsetting experience. Make that report and one of our GMs will be checking it, soon. :)

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