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  1. Suggestion Description: My suggestion is: ONLY ON SIMULATION SERVERS 1. Keep the stability of the truck and trailer locked at 50%. It should reduce the number of players that speed with a totaly rigid truck. 2. Lock the brakes configurations at 90%, it make the brakes safe and will force players to keep distance. 3. Lock the traffic offence option, so you can put a traffic monitor in dangerous area to avoid the work of the admins from keep the eyes in the areas. (You can do some modifications in D-C road that is the mostly dangerous area to keep drivers slow) If player want race in High populated area it will gain a traffic ticket. 4. Keeping talking about traffic offence: Change the value to higher numbers to force reckless drivers lost a lot of money as penalty. 5. Enable fatigue by default: i don't know how it gonna work, but you can force players to stop in rest areas to sleep. 6. Lock the fuel consumption to realistic consuption 7. (Optional) Force skilled parking for all players. 8. Other things about realism on simulation servers can be suggested by other forum members. Why should it be added?: This suggestion should reduce the number of players that commit infractions against the rules in High Populated Areas in all servers. I know that several tools are created by dev team to keep trolls and reckless drivers away, but it is not enough, every weekend we have the report system always in VERY HIGH load. There's too many people breaking the rules and the mainly reason is: Players use the facility of the game to play on simulator servers to break the rules always as possible. This suggestion is simple: If you wanna simulate the game, you should to have more realism and have an experience next as possible of realism, if you wanna to have "fun over realism", you should to go to Arcade server. Remember IT IS NOT to limit the freedom of the player. Play just for fun still exists. The main problem is: A LOT OF PLAYERS just play in simulation servers because they can have the same options as an arcade server but with colision on. Arcade and simulation servers are not too different to make a player choose. They only see: "Ohh wow!! This server has 4.000 players online, let's go racing here"
  2. Mais uma rodagem em 2020.
    Infelizmente nesse vídeo tivemos que reportar 2 players que atingiram nosso comboio.



  3. It works like a CLUSTER? If yes I can help with a Phenom II X6 1110t 3.6Ghz (Little Overclocked) 16GB DDR3 1600

    We have many of stops today because 2 of our players was losting the connection with SIM1.
    1 hour streaming, recording reckless drivers to reporting and having fun with my friends.

  5. Duisburg x Calais today?
    Let's do it!


  6. It's not funny.
    You start a game to have a fun time, playing as a simulator you drive correct to respect others, but some players are just playing for hit or run like a racing game.

    My live stream was interrupted today because I can't finish my job passing by D.C. road, ONE MORE TIME I was smashed by a reckless driver and because I play using a World of Trucks jobs, F7 is my unique option because I can't reload my game.

    When you play, please consider others. In this video you can see the accident at the last minute.
    After this I quited the game.

    *(Soon I will do a formal report on Truckers MP website)



    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      If someone did something wrong then rest assured, Apocalypsenzn, that our team of Game Moderators will apply the appropriate punishment against the person you report if the evidence is valid. I am sorry you had to have such upsetting experience. Make that report and one of our GMs will be checking it, soon. :)

  7. What "Veteran IV" means? o.O

    1. Sticky


      It means that your forum account is older than 4 years. The number increases every year, so on Feb 8, 2020, it will say Veteran Driver V.

    2. apocalypsenzn
  8. New gameplay today! ^^ With 4 friends... we're meeting some new friends and doing some jobs :P

    Special thanks for / / AKER / / Yusuf18 for give the way for our "convoy"! You're a good player! Thx!


  9. Gameplay today ^^



  10. A normal day in Duisburg - Calais? I just do it with 0% of damage.

    (I don't know why, but youtube cut my video before I came to Dover.) Sad reacts only. :mellow:


  11. Today's job routine!

    Duisburg - Bremen

    Bremen - Calais

    Calais - Duisburg

    Some reckless drivers, someone that hit me in duisburg and I backfliped in the air :'(
    But, as always I do, ALL THIS JOBS with 1 fuel tank only. No refuel stops.


  12. Route:
    Dusseldorf - Duisburg (Normal job)
    Duisburg - Calais (Accident and reckless drivers)
    Calais - Växjõ (WOW! Just 1/2 fuel tank :). I completed my fuel when I came from Duisburg)

    Remember: GG == respect!


    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      sound great :P Good job

  13. LIVE! LIVE NOW! :D


  14. Playing LIVE NOW!

  15. Today I played with my friends Rapadura and mario_extreme.

    We bring the same cargo (Rice) from Venezia to Amsterdam, and we do Amsterdam - Felixtowe to finish (via D-C road)

    Everything ok with the same reckless drivers in the road. The last job I've 24% of damage caused by a skoda at the wrong way. (The player should prepare yourself to ban)



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      New video came and I watched it. Nice video B)

  16. When you report 7 and the 7 are banned! :)

    Preparing more reports.

    (I do this work because someone reported me 1 time when the game was bugged and I was banned, so since this beautiful day I will work hard do erradicate trolls.)
    Yes, I was banned when the game was crashed and you can't see anyone in your GPS and in da road.
    I was registred for be a game moderator and I can't be until 2019, so... if I can't be a moderator, evidences to ban will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be empty.

    Every live I will do a report list and put it in report system: for me and my friends too.

    Prepare yourself, I'm recording you.


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Sysgen


      "I do this work because someone reported me 1 time when the game was bugged and I was banned"


      "if I can't be a moderator, evidences to ban will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be empty."


      This in my book is revenge. It's just wrong.

    3. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      your reports must be all good with evidence I take it? 

    4. apocalypsenzn

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      2:00:03 hours :o

      Nice nice :P 

    2. apocalypsenzn


      hahaha should I reduce the videos? xD

    3. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      I'm watching :P I will answer you after I watch it :D

  18. This rule should be spamed by server. Like a bigbrother bot do with FPS games. But it's a interesting idea +1
  19. This hotfix came in the time... :|
  20. Just separate the simulators to 4fun servers. We have now EU1 for simulation, but Europe 2 is not. Tip: If we have 4 servers do: EU1 and 2 to real life: Real simulation, cabin camera only, real fuel, real brakes, everything REAL. The difference btw 1 and 2 is the speedlimit. 3 and 4 should be for fun players that want to play the game experiencing GTA or Need for speed with no colisions, 20000 cameras, park assistant, mom and milk.
  21. Are you crazy? Go to real life, boy... if you see any truck running at 170km/h in the highway with trailer I can consider your comment. Trucks are not made to much speed, maybe 100, 110km/h with not much weight, but the actual reality is that ETS2 MP BECOME A NEED FOR SPEED. "Oh, but I drive cool and fast and don't hit anyone" Cool, but you're not everyone. If you can't educate them, punish them.
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