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  1. I love Kouvala and especially the road to the city!
  2. Hey @Saymes You can write a feedback ticket here. That's the only (right) way to contact the TMP-Staff. Make sure you read the note above and remember: Permanent bans are strictly permanent. Best Regards HXDES
  3. Hey @wokezy! You can simply use Virtual Speditor or TS SaveEditor to create a convoy with your friends. Both of them are still up-to-date. You just have to create the exact same contract. I hope I was able to help you! Best Regards HXDES
  4. Hey @Lowry Max. Reports and how you get them Your max. available reports are based on the quality of your reports. If a moderator thinks that your report was good and useful, than you may get one more report, up to max. 30 reports (Only 30 to avoid spam; that was recently changed) But if your reports get declined ( e.g. because there is no clear evidence), you can also loose one reportspace, until you can't report anymore. Are my reports consumables? No. After your report got declined or accepted you are able to report again.
  5. Aktuell habe ich dieses "Verhungern lassen" auch wieder erleben müssen, nur in noch schlimmerer Form; Das auch noch gehäuft. Da wird auf der DC-Route von einem Truck ohne Auflieger 50 km/h gefahren (durchgehend versteht sich), man möchte überholen und zack: Fährt der Truck plötzlich 80 km/h. Du reihst dich hinter ihm wieder ein: Runter auf 50. Wenn vor einem allerdings vier Trucks fahren, die allesamt 90 km/h fahren, dann macht es doch keinen Sinn auf der DC-Route zum Überholmanöver anzusetzen, oder? Wir haben jetzt leider keinen genauen Informationen zu Truck, Auflieger, Uhrzeit
  6. I was actually wondering about how long it will take 'til you are finally GM Leader, but there it is. Congrats!!

  7. Hey! I think it's also kinda sad, that you have to use a screen recording software, because people are bad. But we probably don't come around it. For me these kind of people were a motivation. I always lost money, because they rammed me, but because of that I had a goal in the game: to make money! It's always the perspective how you see things! ^^ Of course these people are not allowed in this community. But how can the team know, who is bad and who is not? You can only know this, after it happened. To minimize these contacts it really helps to report them. After 5 acti
  8. Gebannt, weil ich euren Dialog hiermit unterbreche! ^^
  9. Congratulations to your new position in the team! I really liked the way you've dealt with the reports!

    1. DJ ccowie

      DJ ccowie

      Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by to congratulate me. I appreciate that!

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