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  1. ^ 1.38 is a big update with many changes. That means that it will take quite more time than the 1.37 update
  2. Aktuell habe ich dieses "Verhungern lassen" auch wieder erleben müssen, nur in noch schlimmerer Form; Das auch noch gehäuft. Da wird auf der DC-Route von einem Truck ohne Auflieger 50 km/h gefahren (durchgehend versteht sich), man möchte überholen und zack: Fährt der Truck plötzlich 80 km/h. Du reihst dich hinter ihm wieder ein: Runter auf 50. Wenn vor einem allerdings vier Trucks fahren, die allesamt 90 km/h fahren, dann macht es doch keinen Sinn auf der DC-Route zum Überholmanöver anzusetzen, oder? Wir haben jetzt leider keinen genauen Informationen zu Truck, Auflieger, Uhrzeit etc. aber ich denke nicht, dass du so schnell auf 110 beschleunigt haben wirst, dass du auch nur annähernd ausreichend Zeit gehabt hättest. Zusätzlich sagst du, dass der zu Überholende den Gegenverkehr kommen sehen hat. Das heißt also entweder, dass auch du den Gegenverkehr kommen sehen hast und die gesamte Aktion von Beginn an riskant und nicht korrekt war oder, dass du es nicht eingesehen hast stark abzubremsen und dich so hinten wieder einzureihen. Aber gut: Die Situation lässt nur zu, dass man spekulieren, aber nichts feststellen kann. Schade, dass du deine Aufnahme nicht angehängt hast. Auch interessant wäre ja gewesen: Konntest du dich mithilfe deines Clips wieder entsperren lassen? Das Teammitglied müsse dann schließlich eindeutig erkennen können, dass du "nicht schuldig" (gewesen) bist. Beste Grüße HXDES
  3. I was actually wondering about how long it will take 'til you are finally GM Leader, but there it is. Congrats!!

  4. Hey! I think it's also kinda sad, that you have to use a screen recording software, because people are bad. But we probably don't come around it. For me these kind of people were a motivation. I always lost money, because they rammed me, but because of that I had a goal in the game: to make money! It's always the perspective how you see things! ^^ Of course these people are not allowed in this community. But how can the team know, who is bad and who is not? You can only know this, after it happened. To minimize these contacts it really helps to report them. After 5 active bans (5 bans within a year) they get permanently banned. You can help by removing them from the streets! You can find a more detailed explanation here (§2.8). Conclusion: - Always run a screen recorder in the background (e.g. OBS) or make clips ( e.g.Windows 10 DVR) - If your damage is pretty high use /fix to repair your truck on the road (for free!) - If you didn't saw the name/TMP-ID of the driver, use the History-Tab or the logs If you want to know how to install and use a screen recorder software, click here Best Regards HXDES
  5. Gebannt, weil ich euren Dialog hiermit unterbreche! ^^
  6. Congratulations to your new position in the team! I really liked the way you've dealt with the reports!

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by to congratulate me. I appreciate that!

  7. Hello @Todesarten Congratulations to your first post, welcome in the Forum! Now to your problem: The latest version from TruckersMP (1.37) does not support World of Trucks anymore. Like it says in your screenshot: "Hizmet oyunun mevcut versiyonu ile uyumlu degil" - The service is not available for the current version. That means, that we have to wait until 1.38 is live. We will get the Update probably in the near future. The developers doing their best, but it'll still take some time, because 1.38 is a big update. I hope you understand that. Otherwise if you don't want to wait, then you sadly have to play singleplayer on the 1.38 version. There's no way around it. I hope I was able to help you and answered your question! Best Regards HXDES
  8. Hey @Hyperfinity Here are some of the most common recorders: GeForce Experience (Exclusive for Nvidia GPU's) Medal.tv OBS Studio Windows 10 DVR (Found them actually here. You can find a tutorial to all of them inside of the article; I don't want to completly copy it.) OBS I can really recommend you to use OBS, but it could lag aswell, based on your PC, and you have to configure it correctly. So it takes some time to configure it, but does his job pretty well. Medal.tv I looked into Medal.tv and I like this one aswell, especially because you just have to press "F8" ingame to save a clip (you can even upload them directly to save some diskspace!) Xbox Game Bar You could try "Xbox Game Bar" aswell. There you can simply record videos with a medium quality, with no lags! Best Regards HXDES
  9. Correct! Especially because I've read that the developers doing this in their freetime, while working etc. So that isn't even their job! Probably they don't even get paid and they are still working for us. We will get to see the 1.38 Version soon enough
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