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  1. I prefer the islands of Corsica and Sardinia!!! Driving by the sea is relaxing
  2. Calais city is better. Beutiful in any way compare to city of Duisburd (for me at least). I hope Calais in 1.39 to be better.
  3. Peterbild 579 (My 1st truck), International LoneStar and the Mack Anthem.
  4. Use the <<instant replay>> from your graphics card program. This will solve your problem. Set the program to save at least 2:15 minutes of video and you are done.
  5. https://worldoftrucks.com/en/image/00000000004C9BDA?back=%2Fen%2Fprofile%2F3155837 https://worldoftrucks.com/en/image/00000000004D2B98?back=%2Fen%2Fprofile%2F3155837
  6. I have all of them. Except promods. Τhere I only buy the gaτrages in cities I visit!
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  8. If you found your self in busy places, turn the lights off (if it's night) or stop the truck and exit the game, and come back when it's safe.
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      Nice driving!😉

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  10. I'm listening real radio stations. Mostly athletic radio stations.
  11. Utah hasn't to much nature (such as trees etc.) as the washington state. I haven't bug or other problems. Not my favourite of course but is good.
  12. Of course i ' m ready for idaho. I have arleady the money and the engines worm.
  13. All your photos are great. Good job. Keep ii up!!!!
  14. I think it have to do with the trucks. Its very different from those in Europe. They are to big and makes them very difficult in closed turns. And yes ATS came 4 years after the ETS2 so thats another reason.
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