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  1. Hello o/ i want to talk with forum about this Convoy TMP Rule: The Event Today we make a 20+ Trucks Convoy from Touluse (France) to Ciudad Real (Spain) Promods Server, and i see in online map there were only 9 truckers on 'Embalse de Contreras road'. So we choose go there becuase roads are so cool (and most of us are from Spain). At entrance of this road we found Game Mod and he told us "Convoys are not permitted on this road" so i told convoy continue to Ciudad Real and i stop my truck for talk with Mod (he was so nice talking and explaining his point ). The Question I think the rule 2.6 should clarify some terms: Convoy & High Populated Areas (hot roads) Convoy: How many people are considerated a Convoy? i mean, 5 friends are convoy? what about if 10 players from differents VTC create a Virtual Convoy in Calais to Duisburg?... As a Streamer with 100 average viewers, what happend if i wanna go Calais - Duisburg and 40 people follow me, take my same cargo, and put Xariel in tag? (is not the first time a Stream Snipe do this). High Populated Areas (hot roads): How many people are count for be High Populated Area? I know Calais Duisburg is in the rule example but, what happend if at 4 AM we do a 20 truckers convoy there when there are less than 50 players in this road? What about Kirkenes, late at night when there are less than 50 players? or tonight example, 'Embalse de Contreras' 9 players and we were 20 trucks convoy. (i know 100 players on C-D are not the same as 100 in 'Embalse de Contreras'). The Point I keep in mind there is one rule above all of this... "use your brain, if you think there is a chance to get ban then turn back" (if there are 250 players on C-D dont bring 40 more) and this is why, as convoy lead, I always take care about my people. I have trucky app overlay for check every time how many people are in map, how many trucks come to us, hot points population, etc. This is an example: I want to send feedback to TMP Team about this rule because i dont want to do Convoys on Arcade Servers... (i also move Weekend Convoys to Simulation 2 since last weeks we were more than 50 trucks). But before send feedback, i want to know the opinion of the forum, and listen any idea or suggestion!
  2. Playing since 2014 in Online Mod, helping community with Mods (Steam Workshop) and SCS Forums, Guides, Video Tutorials (youtube), doing Online Convoys almost every day, create content in this game along +7 years, getting stream sniped by kids and now Game Mod for ruin our convoy:


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