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    Hybrid truck

    Try using this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwdikJWrd0OIMThycTJ5RGhDemc/view?usp=sharing Purchase truck from any Volvo dealer in mainland Europe (not UK) If you modify the truck you will lose the engine/transmission, let me know if you want any changes (different mirrors/door handles/steps etc..) You can paint the truck however you like Chassis: FH16 Classic Midlift Cab: FH16 Classic Globetrotter XL Sound: FH16 Classic Engine: 730HP Scania V8 Gearbox: Renault Magnum (ret) The mod provided by MrHarv didn't show up in my mod list either, no idea why it isn't showing, everything looks ok.
  2. /\ I could make you one, but I'm not sure if players are allowed to make trucks for other players. I would have to either A. teach you save editing B. have you send me your save file so I can make the truck for you or C. make one as a truck dealer mod. A. It's easy once you know what you're looking for. (I've been wanting to make a save editing guide for a while now, I think I could have one made and uploaded by this weekend) B. Not sure if players are allowed to transfer and edit each other's save files. C. The Leeds Lad uses this method as far as I'm aware. You activate the mod in single player, buy the truck, and then disable the mod. Notice how Leeds Lad has his website listed in the "allowed mods" post (here http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods/).I'm not sure if staff/admin approval is needed for one to make/distribute hybrid truck mods, so I'm not going to feel comfortable making one unless I know for sure.
  3. For save editing or truck dealer editing (this only works on the Streamline, the R only has a silver grille) Look for the "front_grid_##" accessories and change the number to 01 for black or 02 for silver. Both chassis and cab grilles can be changed separately (c_equip=cab s_equip=chassis). You can add "_e6" on the cab grille to have "Euro 6" badges on the doors if you're using a Euro 6 engine. The above image is from a Scania truck dealer .sii file You may also want to change the badge to match the engine you're using or remove the badge entirely for a "clean" grille. Result of using "front_grid_02_cab_e6" and "front_grid_01" while save editing
  4. So far my truck is the only Trust Edition Actros I've seen. Unlike the 2 special edition Renaults (Racing Premium and Route 66 Magnum) which both have exteriors that other players will easily notice, the Trust Edition Actros only has it's interior available in ETS2. I've used the High Power Cargo DLC paintjob to try and replicate the real truck in ETS2MP Only intentional change from the real truck is the addition of 2 marker lights to the lightbar. Additional images. (In service station) Video of the real truck on YouTube (German)
  5. I take a lot of jobs into and out of Calais, no problem for me. (Haven't played in about a week though.) Try checking the "game.log" file located in Documents>Euro Truck Simulator 2 after the game crashes, there might be something in the last few lines hinting at what's wrong. EDIT: As pointed out in the post below, the problem most likely will not show up in your log. I was thinking it kept a live record and something like an object around Calais failing to load and causing the game to crash would show up. I was really wrong there, after looking over my log file it looks like it only shows the boot/shutdown of the game and profile loading/saving. All the crashes I've had recently have been from a mistake during save editing, which appeared in the log.
  6. Reckless overtake 90 in an 80 zone. (Speed limit shown on GPS) Not checking right mirror, relying only on tab menu. Didn't slow back down after overtake, ignored posted 50 km/h limit sign and continued to accelerate to 100+km/h. Oncoming truck had no reason to get upset from his view He had his beacons on for no reason and appears to also be speeding. (at least in the 50km/h zone). The large space between you and the truck you overtook could have been needed to compensate for lag. (80-100m is actually a good distance to merge back in, but could appear excessive to oncoming traffic) It may be necessary to speed while overtaking. Both drivers were in the wrong.
  7. You don't need to have those enabled, they just provide a little extra rumble/vibration from your engine. (I enabled them both and set the steering force to 100.) One thing I forgot. You may notice that the FFB will stop working if you alt-tab out of the game, to fix this type "sdk reload" into the console to reload the FFB plugin. (If you need to enable the console go to your Documents>Euro Truck Simulator 2>config.cfg and look for the lines "uset g_developer "0"" and "uset g_console "0"", change them both to 1. The console can be opened in-game by pressing the ~ key) Feel free to PM me if you need any more help. Here's a little notice saying I'm just another ETS2MP player, NOT part of ETS2MP staff/support and can only offer player to player advice based on my own experience.
  8. Turns out I was using an older version. Just installed 2.3A and the .ini file is a bit different, but everything about the LEDs is still the same. Looks like engine and overload vibration are set to 0 (off) and steering_force is 90 by default with 2.3A.
  9. /\ FFB enabled and all sliders set at 100% Centre spring set to 0 and disabled (box unchecked) "Allow Game To Adjust Settings" box checked.
  10. It works, just follow the instructions to install it. Seems like "textured" surfaces don't produce any ffb at all (Rumble strips, dirt roads) but the plugin still feels better than the ffb included with the game. To configure the LED modes included with the plugin just open the real_G27_ffb Configuration settings file included with the plugin and change the mode number to the one you want. (settings for each mode can also be changed) Screenshot of my settings with instructions.
  11. AndrewG

    Post your car

    @yahhoow No video, sorry. I will update my original post if I make one.
  12. AndrewG

    Post your car

    Finally stopped raining long enough to get some pictures 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE Fun to slide about in the rain. My first car, got it in 2012 when I was 17. I wanted a car that was "100% driver controlled", so that meant no power steering or assists (ABS, traction control, or any other form of computer that takes control of the car) Rear quarter view, with interior and engine visible. Ignore the heavy duty floor mats, I put the original ones in storage for the rain and only bring them out for car shows now. Only thing that isn't stock is the exhaust, which had the catalytic converter removed by the previous owner and the rest replaced with a "performance" exhaust by me when the original needed replacing.(was same price as stock, so why not?)
  13. I've based it off of a metaltiger mod, the "all flatbed trailer" mod. I opened the mod and went to def>vehicle>trailer>gooseneck_cargo40.sii and all I did from there was change the chassis to "/def/vehicle/trailer/reefer/chassis_a.sii". White trailers only appeared at NBFC and Polaris Lines for me, all others had a company logo on them. Not that big of a problem once you enable devcam and know how to teleport in SP. They go invisible once you get a short distance away, but appear to remain solid once attached to your truck. There is also a "chassis_b" that has a different refrigerator unit. Images Reefer "chassis_a" has a Carrier refrigerator unit Reefer "chassis_b" has a Thermo King refrigerator unit Trailer attached to truck I can't provide a download because the only way I know how to make these is by editing another mod.
  14. I've been wanting to get these trailers for a few months now and I think I've finally got it! I want to start off by saying that as far as i'm aware these kind of modified trailers are allowed provided they are made from base game assets and do not use wheels from the Raven DLC (that I don't have anyway) because they make the games of other players crash. The trailer goes invisible except for the refrigerator unit and the wheels once you get far enough away from it. I added a container load from the gooseneck trailer which has lights built into the load so I could safely use it in MP knowing that if the trailer went invisible other players would still see a blue container and all the proper lights. After I attached the trailer to my truck I noticed it stayed solid no matter how far away I got, since Trole43 didn't say anything about it disappearing within a close radius i'll assume it's visible to other players too. Notice how the white trailer on my truck is still visible despite it being the furthest away from the camera (Pic from SP before disabling trailer mod and going to MP) Edit: Instructions posted on page 2 (all white trailer, no blue container)
  15. Listening to the entire album. Can't choose just one song.
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