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  1. Well this is kinda hard i like to play Singleplayer because i can play with mods and have my company skin and so on but i also like to play Multiplayer because i can do little convoys with my friends They both have advantages and disadvantages Singleplayer: you play alone so it can get kinda boring just to drive with the AI but you can play with mods and stuff Multiplayer: you can play with your friends and have much fun but you cant have any mods
  2. I rather ETS2 for the content (larger map, more trucks and so on) but im a fan of the Peterbilt 379 and similiar trucks
  3. Well i said its slow for a car not for a truck and obviously most of the people on EU#1 drive with a truck not with a car and okay im sorry i forgot that speed limits on the highway exist and well another problem is we would need 2 speed limits 1 for trucks and 2nd for cars which i don't think is doable at all and still the trollers would be on the EU#1 so basically everything would be the same but the trollers would be on Eu#1 and not on #2 so it's not solving the problem at all because more moderation still will not change that much
  4. I don't think 130 km/h is actually really realistic for a car (maybe for a small car like Fiat 500) because still even if it is technically a truck it still supposed to act like a car which should go way faster and the EU#2 with no collision wouldnt help because the trollers want to crash and not to go fast most of the time and then EU#1 would be the only one with collision so the trollers would switch the servers from EU#2 to EU#1 to ruin the fun for the people in Simulation server and basically a speed limit to 97km/h on every server would be enough to solve the rammers problem
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