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  1. gibbs92

    no history

    no I mean in the tab click than history then come few drivers that you passed but by my is it empty
  2. gibbs92

    no history

    i have Development logging: Advanced but the history keeps empty
  3. gibbs92

    no history

    hello in the client truckersmp see i nothing in tab history who have a solution
  4. gibbs92


    hello briian19 You should receive an email to activate your profile. If you didn't see it then it might be in spam. I received the email to activate my user in spam so just check it. best regards gibbs92
  5. Suggestion Name: another player pays you damage if he bumps into you Suggestion Description: many fellow truckers find it annoying when there is collision so maybe I have a solution for maybe an idea to build in a script that ensures that if someone hits you who then has to pay your repair costs he will pay you a standard rate example 1 percent 1,000 euros and that always increasing Why should it be added?: this is also realistic in terms of insurance and for the serious truckers this is a good comperkie for the irritation
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