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  1. 이승환 - 천일동안
  2. Test via old wireless router. Too slow(in South Korea).
  3. No. I do my homeworks offline, and it would take 3 hours to do it, since I have a lot to do.
  4. I'm currently 14. I'm type of student who always do the homeworks, and then go play some game.
  5. As the title said, I can't play game more than 30min. per day. It's horrible, isn't it? Most games require players to play a single mission more than a 30min. I never cleared a single game. I bought The Crew about 6 months ago, and I just cleared about 1/4 of it. Few months ago, my classmates were talking about League Of Legend. I decided to do it, but I deleted it after discovering that tutorial would take more than 30min. 30min. restriction doesn't allow me to do better than newbie does. I started Flight Simulator X 7 years ago, and I didn't managed to land the aircraft untill now because I wasn't able to finish a single flight. In ETS2, same thing happens. I somehow managed to learn how to park the truck, and drive around the town. A year ago, when I leared there was something called ETS2MP and convoy, I decided to sign up and managed to get in ETR Korea team. Few months later, I became ETS2MP Support member. I met a lot of great players. But, those stupid restriction blocked my way. Because of that, Usual convoy lasts more than a hour, so I wasn't able to finish a single convoy. My convoy skill was very horrible, so when ETR Korea team went into hibernation, I decided to leave the team. ETS2MP Support part... was a nightmare at the end. No, No. Support thing was great. I was able to held someboy, and I was very happy for it. However, when my parents discovered about this, they weren't happy about this. They thought that chatting with other members of ETS2MP, and writing helps at support desk is "Dangerous" because I don't know who the hell is he, or she. They banned me for doing this, and started to monitor all of my Skype, and all other accounts. Result of it? I was kicked out of ETS2MP team. If your close relative is going to set a time restriction, say to them to not do it. It's absolutely going to screw up one's experiance on the net. I'm sure about it.
  6. I'm holding now, since I can't login to my school website, and no internet banking service provided for Windows 10 in South Korea. I can't even buy a book in online store! And goverment recommends to not to upgrade to Windows 10, since it has no Active X support.
  7. TR_S

    Post your car

    I think I posted my family's car months ago, but I'll post again. 1996 Kia Credos. My dad's first car. He says that driving this car in 90s as newcomer was like driving a brand-new BMW as teenager now. And also my grandfather's Ssang Yong Chairman. One of the most expensive Korean sedan at that time.
  8. TR_S

    Ugliest Vehicles

    Daewoo Rezzo, designed by Pininfarina. WTH? Again, Hyundai Lavita, designed by Pininfarina.
  9. TR_S

    Ugliest Vehicles

    What have they done to Avante XD?
  10. TR_S

    Ugliest Vehicles

    Kia Parktown. Only 870 were sold. No one knows when this car was discontinued.
  11. TR_S

    Ugliest Vehicles

    Ssangyong Motors was still producing Chairman H based on W124 for 18 years. It's design was pretty good in late 90's but when they facelifted it, it look really ugly: Ssangyong designers are pretty mad, as I think.
  12. Q: Kim asked his brother to buy a Netscape, but he bought coffee instead of Browser. Why? A: His brother heard Netscape as Nescafe.
  13. It's a story about a socialist who became sexualy disabled.
  14. 여기서 밴 어필을 한국어로 작성해 주시기 바랍니다. 밑에 있는 포멧을 지켜서 사용해 주시고, 맨 위에 밴한 어드민을 자신의 프로필에서 찾아 적어주시기 바랍니다. 여기서 적으신 어필은 번역되고, 번역본은 직접 밴 어필 계시판에 올려주셔야 합니다. 밴 어필 계시판 링크: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/forum/91-ban-appealing/ *더 자세한 내용은 곧 추가될 예정입니다.
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