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  1. Aber wenn du doch auf den Server joinen kannst, dann ist doch alles gut. Es ist aber normal, dass die nicht angezeigt werden.
  2. Thanks for your follow 😄

    1. CEBO I Constantin

      CEBO I Constantin

      Thank you lohnu ❤️

  3. Thank you for the follow 😄

  4. Thank you for following 😄

  5. Hey @Aquatic Sparrow So on the one hand it sounds like a good idea aaan, because maan could bring more traffic to the other roads. However, it must also be said that this would be a little unnecessary, because you should decide freely where you want to go. And also would then probably quite a lot of TMP turn away, because some are only in the TMP to drive this route. And you have to say, then there will also be more people who violate the rules on the other roads.
  6. Actually, no DLC is needed. The only thing that can happen is that you downloaded a profile and the creator of the profile had this DLC.
  7. Did you also download the DEF file and put it in the mod folder? If you did. Start ETS in singleplayer and activate the ProMods there and try again.
  8. I think to take the limit out of the trucks would be a good idea, but to limit the trucks only at 200 km/h would be much too high. I would say one could put the trucks again on 130 or 140 km/h
  9. I think on the one hand I would say that it would be a nice change, but on the other hand these could also be really annoying. Like when you drive a convoy for example
  10. Personally, I find it a bit unnecessary to bring new vehicles into the game, since it is a truck simulator and not the highway simulator.
  11. I would recommend a Scania as they are powerful and have the most configuration options. And by the way they look the most beautiful.
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