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  1. As far as you don't block anyone (which you according to the picture are not because the crashed truck is already blocking the lane), it is okay.
  2. A nice calm evening in a less crowded part of Iceland.


  3. When you happen to drive close to Calais.


  4. Hi, Try going to C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP. If you are not using any overlay skin, just delete all files and folders in the TruckersMP folder. If you are using an overlay skin and don't want to lose it, delete only a file called core_ets2mp.dll, then head over to folder data and deleta folders called ets2 and shared. If you've done the previous step, just launch TruckersMP and let it redownload all the files again.
  5. Your idea is interesting. To be honest I didn't even notice that the speed limit has been reduced again (I'm usually driving in Germany on a higway at about 80 km/h). I partially agree with you, when it comes to cars, because it interferes with realism a lot. On the other hand, trucks in real life have a speed limitor set to 90 km/h, so I'm completely fine with this change, because it only makes the game more realistic. So I only don't like the change from the point of a car driver (which I'm usually not). About making the main server an arcade server - I think I would rarely connect there, so would many others, because driving on the C-D road would become boring to them and I would, once again, miss the realism.
  6. AlmightyOndrej


    I like the idea of economy system to increase competition, but it's too dependent on VTLog's colission sensing mechanism, that doesn't always work well, so you can too easily end up in debth. Otherwise I like the economy system and vtlog overall.
  7. I would welcome this addition. Currently, I always turn off the radio when someone spams it, becasue I'm lazy to search for the spammer in the player's list.
  8. I have almost 300 employess. It took me about half an year to get them, because I don't want to use any cheats - I tend to lose motivation to play much faster when I use cheats.
  9. I'm looking forward to it, but ProMods is currently more exciting for me, because It will add more areas that are amazingly detailed (for example more complex intersections), also, I won't have to another DLC
  10. Apart from ETS 2 / ATS, I usually play Arma 3, UBOAT and BeamNG. So basically simulators - I'm already looking forward to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  11. I use a WinDynamicDesktop app together with a custom VTC wallpaper.
  12. I usually listen to Spotify, but when I decide to turn on the radio, I usually choose a czech radio, for example Evropa 2 or KISS.
  13. Hello, I don't think that you'll have to create a new profile. ProMods can use to your current profile just fine in single player and there shouldn't be a difference in TruckersMP. No matter if TMP developers use default mod manager (like in singleplayer) or their own (probably similiar to the winter mod).
  14. If you mean standard double trailers, as visible on the picture below, you don't need any mods. There are two options to get them. Either buy them or get a job with them. For both options, you need Scandinavia DLC (or you need to wait for the 1.35 update that should bring doubles to Germany and The Netherlands). If you have Scandinavia DLC, then you can buy a double trailer (but only if you have a garage in one of the Scandinavian countries) and drive with it everywhere on the map (except parts of map limited by TruckersMP).
  15. Hello everyone, I've been riding with Skoda superb a lot recently and I've noticed a few thing that need to be modifiend a little. Here's a small list of those things: 1. Engine RPMs - why is a maximum rpm value for a petrol engine 5500 while red line a way higher? And why is the torque curve set the way I lose most power after 4000 RPMs? 2. Transmission shifting - when I have the game set to automatic shifting and I press the pedal to the metal, RPMs go to maximum and it takes another few seconds and then the transmission finally shifs. Simply terrible. 3. Automatic transmission -First of all, when you set the game to the automatic shifting and you use the default transmission, it's NOT automatic transmission, just automated - and that's a huge difference, because the shifting times are so long, so it's a pity that there's no automatic transmission yet 4. This one is not that important, but it would be nice to get it right - the mirror in the middle could use some sort of a zoom, because I don't want to see my seat :D So that's hopefuly all I don't like about this car and I'd love to see these things fixed. Thanks for hearing me out! PS: I know I didn't follow the request format, but I think that these things should be together, since they are about a single vehicle :).
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