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  1. If you mean standard double trailers, as visible on the picture below, you don't need any mods. There are two options to get them. Either buy them or get a job with them. For both options, you need Scandinavia DLC (or you need to wait for the 1.35 update that should bring doubles to Germany and The Netherlands). If you have Scandinavia DLC, then you can buy a double trailer (but only if you have a garage in one of the Scandinavian countries) and drive with it everywhere on the map (except parts of map limited by TruckersMP).
  2. At 17 (like half an year ago), now having a "proper" excercires that a private (ok, not private, but psst) road and a parking lot could give me.
  3. Using a wireless controller with low battery in dense traffic on a C-D road.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been riding with Skoda superb a lot recently and I've noticed a few thing that need to be modifiend a little. Here's a small list of those things: 1. Engine RPMs - why is a maximum rpm value for a petrol engine 5500 while red line a way higher? And why is the torque curve set the way I lose most power after 4000 RPMs? 2. Transmission shifting - when I have the game set to automatic shifting and I press the pedal to the metal, RPMs go to maximum and it takes another few seconds and then the transmission finally shifs. Simply terrible. 3. Automatic transmission -First of all, when you set the game to the automatic shifting and you use the default transmission, it's NOT automatic transmission, just automated - and that's a huge difference, because the shifting times are so long, so it's a pity that there's no automatic transmission yet 4. This one is not that important, but it would be nice to get it right - the mirror in the middle could use some sort of a zoom, because I don't want to see my seat :D So that's hopefuly all I don't like about this car and I'd love to see these things fixed. Thanks for hearing me out! PS: I know I didn't follow the request format, but I think that these things should be together, since they are about a single vehicle :).
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