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  1. Happy 2019! May we be change, perseverance and achievements. May what is new and good in us awakens to take action. May life fit in the most beautiful way in another new year that begins, that in each one only vibrate gratitude, peace, love, and union. Let us live and celebrate, love and renew everything good that is in us. Let's be resistance to all evil that comes from outside to protect all the well cultivated in us!
    There are no limits to our dreams, just believe. Happy 2019!

    Happy New Year
    It's time to receive the New Year
    with joy and hope in the heart.
    From leaving the bad in the past,
    and embracing the future with optimism.

    Let's make this year turnaround
    a resumption of all that is good.
    A renewal of positive feelings,
    and a rebirth of old dreams.

    I wish lots of happiness for this year.
    May it be 365 days of accomplishments,
    success and much prosperity.
    Happy New Year!

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