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  1. Hello there! It is not possible to use modifications that would change the base/whole game (for example: vehicles that are not in the base game or map modifications, which adds new places, buildings etc. except ProMods -but it has a dedicated server for itself). There are some mods which in turn are allowed, but these are graphics mods (only graphics mods I think), such as Grimes' Winter mod (currently) or Grimes' Late Autumn mod (before), these mods' availability are changing as well as seasons. I'm not quite sure but maybe the ReShade and SweetFX are both allowed. (they replaces the post-processing to get more realistic graphics) You can also do save-editing, there are many guides on the forum which helps you how to do it (but don't forget to respect the rule §3). And you may do/create Local Only Addon Hookups. Regards, kinki
  2. Hello there! If you're talking about snow falling, the winter mod replaces the raining into snowfall. At least that's what I remember. (of course correct it if it is not so.) Regards, kinki
  3. Hey there! When you're going to do some external jobs, (it doesn't matter that the job is own trailer, or not) you've to use the latest version of the game. World of Trucks isn't compatible backwards, so you're right. If you've played on your profile with 1.38 in singleplayer, and then you downgrade to 1.37, and use the same profile (with which you played 1.38) that may be a possible problem (because saves also aren't compatible backwards through the game versions). If the problem isn't with the profiles reverse compatiblity, try to remove/unlink World of Trucks in the game files (because maybe it is linked, even if the game doesn't show this). - World of Trucks connection data (e-mail and password) is stored in: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/<your profile/profiles>/profile.sii -> in the profile.sii, scroll down to the bottom until you find to lines: online_user_name and online_password (you need an SII_Decrypt to make the file "readable"). If there is anything between the quotes, clear it, and just leave the two quotes both lines, without a space between them. If your problem isn't solved, send a crash log, and we could help more, or try to verify integrity of game files on Steam -> ETS2 -> properties -> local files (to be honest I don't think that this will solve the problem, but without a crash log, give it a try). Regards, kinit, the elegant sponge
  4. Happy Birthday!?

  5. Congratulations, and have a good time! ?:mlg_doge:

    1. Polyxena


      Thank you very much! ?

  6. Hali, a mondhatni "main" kamionom egy nem túlzottan komplikált DAF XF 105, egy-két helyen DLC elemekkel (felhasznált dlck: Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack, XF Tuning Pack, ill. Krone Trailer Pack). A kép pedig az orosz-litván határnál lévő hídon készült.
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