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  1. 10/10 idea, would be very useful to know when something is going on like this
  2. +1, if it's planning on being added that's good stuff, would be very useful
  3. Feel like instead of it being based off of ping, do it on a manual setting and ping. So say someone is having no high enough ping to trick to Auto-ghost, you can manually activate. And if their ping goes down it hopefully won't automatically disable ghost, hopefully it'll check and see if the person is phased in someones truck and have a count down if not phased in someone
  4. That's how they're suppose to be not always how they turn out haha
  5. +1, Would be an easy addition and would be very useful especially for very popular areas, it'd clear out some lag.
  6. Hey guys, I believe this would be an amazing idea. Would be really fun especially bringing friends into the game and doing missions and routes together instead of finding deliveries going near each other.
  7. +1, this would be so useful in-game not gonna lie instead of navigating through keybinds.
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