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  1. hjc86

    Nody, hi - you locked a topic I started, instead of punishing the one(s) causing a 'fight'.

    1. Nody


      Hey @hjc86,

      We have done what we felt is best for the community as a whole. As far as punishment is concerned, we have taken the necessary action. In regards to the decision, it was taken after it was discussed internally within team and If you believe the decision wasn't right, you can forward your feedback to Community Moderation Management by making a feedback ticket here - https://truckersmp.com/feedback/create


      Being said this, I will be locking this status as I have provided you the necessary answer to the question/query you had.


      Thank you for reaching us out!

      //Status locked


      Kind Regards


      TruckersMP Forum Moderator.

  2. @Luna I see that TruckersMP has now a built-in Dispatch function. That's a step in the right direction, awesome ! Now it only needs to be compatible with own-able trailers.
  3. @CJMAXiK Well I've tried VTC World - the website. And it's not what we're searching for alongside our Trucksbook-page / members. The name suggests you can sign-up there with your VTC. But that's not true. You can only sign up per member. You can't create a VTC page. And it's more aimed towards the Russian-market.
  4. @xDan Getting verified isn't too hard. But sure it should be possible for every VTC to compete. @seth_haveron Thankfully I haven't installed VTC World then. I just came across Truckslog.de by the way. But that site is 50/50 in language. So pretty hard for someone who doesn't understand German (not me). Some things are in English, other stuff is only in German. Sure Google Translate-bar might help. But the site should just have an option
  5. I've signed up for VTC World now. But it doesn't seem to have any VTC's on there. Quite odd with such a name. Or do I miss something ?! (Read: Do I see everything that it has to offer).
  6. @ManuMarSch SpedV is not the 'thing', I changed the language, but some items remain appearing in German.
  7. I agree with you there @[GER] Newt but overall most VTC's play online. @Luna It would be even more of an option - if it would have a solid Dispatch feature. Unlike the buggy one from Trucksbook. As we now are forced to use Trucky for the dispatch portion of our VTC. So that you can create jobs with a company trailer or with own-able trailers, incl. ProMods-ready/compatible.
  8. @Luna If TruckersMP did indeed 'serve' us with 'ranking' and logging I would definitely give that a go, and - when good - I would replace our Trucksbook with that. It would be more useful, as we already use TruckersMP for the multiplayer. (As SCS MP/Convoy is causing some issues amongst some of our VTC members). @RUBENXUUu [ESP] The thing we found nice about Pickup, was the coin system - although the use for it, wasn't that big as we thought. So we abandoned it after a couple of weeks. @PallePuh The website from VTlog is a real pain in the 'you-know-what'. And we don't see the 'thing' that makes VTlog more attractive then Trucksbook for instance. Pickup was better in that regard. So the GlobalCargo system (aka Trucksweb) is just for ranking within that VTC, not globally ?! @ManuMarSch Hmm, then SpedV is not what we're looking for. I will give it a try none the less. Do you know if you can put that software in English ? My German is quite okay, but I can't speak for the rest. I will still need to try VTC World.
  9. Thanks, I will check them both (Sped V and VTC World). Is Sped V also worldwide ranking ? Or just for the VTC you're in ?!
  10. So first up: I've searched for it on the forum here/on Trucksbook, but couldn't find the answer. So that's why I created this topic. Second: I don't know if this is the right place for this topic, if not please let it be moved by a moderator - when possible. So as the description mentions: We want to keep using Trucksbook. But like to know what other people use as a VTC page/ranking system. Along side of it / or in replacement for it. As we want to keep it interesting for our people/and our self to drive. We tried: VTlog - But the website is really horrible / not logical how it is put together. So not really user friendly. Pickup - But it has major shortcomings on the coins-side of things and the ranking system there has also some issues VTMlive - This seems to be no longer working with the proper Steam-id's/TruckersMP-id's. And it has no ranking system » other then within the VTC it self. Trucky - But that's only for each player individual, not for the VTC it self. If you have any other sites/applications please let us know. P.S.: Some of our VTC members have experience with TrucksWeb in the past - when they were in other VTC's. But that seems to be tied with GlobalCargo overall. And we don't want to tie our self to another VTC.
  11. Thanks for this post. I knew I had done it before. But couldn't remember how. This helps a lot ! So thanks again... Edit: Finally got the time to really made this thing happen. It has worked like a charm (3 profiles at level 130). The only thing that has changed is the SII_Decrypt.exe (step 5). Instead of dragging the profile.sii onto the .exe you should do this - at least the dragging didn't work for me. - Unpack the SII_Decrypt.rar file « use the program called WinRar for this - Put the SII decrypt tool in the new profile folder you created, if you have multiple new profiles you are doing this multiple times - Open an elevated CMD, if you don't know how check YouTube there are a lot of video's on this - or Google it - Go to the new profile folder in CMD, for me this was: "cd C:\Users\'username'\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\4D656C4F4479" (without quotes and 'username' actually filled in) - Now run the following command: "sii_decrypt.exe profile.sii" (without quotes) - Now go to the new profile folder and open the profile.sii in notepad and adjust the profile name as mentioned in the original steps » Step 6 will continue from here. This is the SII decrypt that I used (as the original link didn't work for me): https://sharemods.com/h6pozzt4ti8h/SII_Decrypt.rar.html Furthermore: if you have a profile name (the new profile), that has special characters and/or spaces in them. Make sure you put quotes before and after the profile name. You can do this either way.
  12. Is there a new event ? Also in WoT ? I didn't see one yesterday. When will TruckersMP be fixed for version 1.38 of ETS2?
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