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  1. Well, in that case the model maker could move further into the model at a position there the trailer can´t get in as the hitbox is in the way
  2. Its supposed to do that, at least in real life as the window adapts to the sun light.
  3. Nice to see these rules being applied. One thing though is why the car even have a trailer hookup point? If you don´t want to allow them to pull trailers then don´t add a hookup point to it
  4. Use the bug report form or this will be rejected And for your problem, then it might be your driver but if its only in ETS2 then just reinstall it
  5. It is a know bug as far as I know, hope there will be a fix after the next ETS2 update or if there will be a hotfix for it
  6. as stated above, you must use AMD Eyeinfinity for AMD users and Nvidia Geforce driver for Nvidia users
  7. The latest version is not, mostly your client have been outdated but it should still work :/
  8. I actually reproduced it in SP but at that time it didn´t crash so it is definitely a bug with the MP mod
  9. Now this is very good news. Finally I can take advantage of my 16 GB of RAM although all won´t be used, mostly for chrome though. Shitty chrome shit.
  10. Alright, found out the problem was AMD Gaming Evolved that was causing it to not work so this thing is now solved
  11. Alright, sorry for a very late reply but it has yet not been working, I have completely reinstalled it but nothing happens so I´m soon gonna give up on this
  12. That didn´t work, still can´t navigate in the menu
  13. Thanks guys for your answers gonna try it out
  14. Alright guys and gals, I have a little problem. My problem is that I can´t use the TAB- menu at all, I´ve seen many say to use the RMB but it hasn´t worked at all for me. I have reinstalled the client very many times to maybe see if there were corrupt files but it wasn´t. I have also reinstalled ETS2 but no success there neither. So, I am turning to the forums to maybe get rid of this problem and maybe learn some on the way. If anyone finds out why then I would be very happy to comment on this little topic. Cheers in advance.
  15. Right click doesn´t work for me J-M
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