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  1. Yes, I think I have the answer :))
  2. between 25 and 35 ms Thank you for the answer ! It's true that I lag during the automatic backups and there, I feel it but the others don't (I already tested with a friend). But for the lags when I brake I can't see. Maybe a small desynchronization as you said. I'm waiting to see other answers :))
  3. Hello ! I have a problem that is not embarrassing for me, but it is for others. When I brake at a medium or high intensity the players behind me see me roleback, see me lag but I don't feel any lag for my part. I don't understand why. Yet I don't have any lag problems on my game, I have an high graphic quality, I could go into ultra. The only times I lag is for example when I go into an area where there are a lot of players. I'd like to try to fix the problem but I don't see where it could come from. For me, as I said, it's not embarrassing at all because I don't feel it, but for others, apparently, it's a little embarrassing. It often happens when I brake hard, sometimes when I brake with medium intensity. Is it coming from me ? Is it normal ? I don't know. I forgot to specify, but I'm talking about small lags Could someone help me ? :)) I prefer to ask the question and be sure of the answer because I see a lot of people (who are behind me) saying in the chat: "lags"; "report"; "banned" xD In fact, it's almost always players who follow me very closely. Thank you in advance !
  4. Adyox

    Lags 1.32

    TotalEDM, I have no problem in singleplayer
  5. Adyox

    Lags 1.32

    Hello, For some time now, since the arrival of 1.32 on multi, I have a really unpleasant concern at the level of FPS. Let me explain : When I ride quietly, I have loss of FPS when I look towards a truck group, or even sometimes, when I look to a truck, I pers about 5 to 13 FPS. Small precision, it usually happens to me (see all the time) that cabin view. I said, it's not my graphics card nor my PC and I know it Cordially
  6. Adyox

    A test for car

    Suggestion Name : A test for car Suggestion Description : Hello good night, I would like to talk about something that I think is important: the Skoda. Indeed, the car is a point quite criticized, why ? For the simple reason that 3/4 of the players use it very badly. So good, receive criticism while you handle the car well unlike a lot of people, it's not cool. I went to the heart of the subject : a test and a code to pass to be able to drive a car. According to me, it would be very nice to add a test (or some kind of license) to limit idiots by car. Sorry if this idea may seem far-fetched and unacceptable. Cordially. Any example images: X Why should it be added ? : To reduce the number of idiots by car 
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