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  1. Just a couple minutes ago i got the message that you can see on the screen (i put a yellow line arround it) Already download the client again and reinstal it but still the same,yesterday no problems in both games ETS2 and ATS Greetz NL-Marske-NL
  2. Nice to see this feature but i think you raise the bar to high for smaller VTC 20 Members? there are a lot vtc that come not even close to that numbers
  3. Ik like the new roads in germany. Road from Munchen to dresden area is nice to drive now And don''t forget that new road in france also a nice road
  4. I think that TMP is not gonna wait until that DLC release for what i know and just read on other topics there are some problems whit Dx11 and other random stuff thats wy its taking some more time than normal
  5. Great job TMP waiting is paying of big time
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