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  1. the probléme is still didn't solved because i have no cargo in World of trucks cargos in DLC christmas cargo and other cargo
  2. Hello guys i have a Small Probleme when i use world of truck in DLC to take a job He Didn't give me any job but in the Officiel map he give me jobs any Help !? Have a Nice Day
  3. @sko0923 i will try to do screenshot but the probléme it's when i select any radio channel or any music from the game he move to the other channel or other music because i already add a music in the game and it's not working like the radio probléme
  4. I try to desactivat it but he can't desactivat windows send to me an error
  5. I will try but wait is I need to desactivat anti virus or what ??
  6. HI guys i have probléme in my RADIO GAME for Listen the RADIO MUSIC but it's not working for me when i select any channel he Turned me over in other one and he Don't working - PLEASE i need HELP FOR This Probléme
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