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  1. Sreḱen rodenden :D

    1. xhambo


      hvalla ti care 

  2. hi all

    hello everyone got the ban I do not know why you're writing for racism in general and I did not say anything I just said give out-- I'll make you wait and see when I received a ban please help applying for unban http://www.igreklik.com/slike/viewer.php?file=61130667533756748716.png&file_imgur=LLYIFcY.png
  3. Cant not download the game

    same I wana to play and I can not error
  4. Problem with Ets2 MP

    shadow is help me and is fix me problem with 1 programs and is show me how to install and to download and i play multiplayer ets2 and i have good ultra thnx shadow for help thnx all
  5. Problem with Ets2 MP

    no sir i dont have problem with ts3 bot i have problem with ets2 mp and just i sent to see me conection
  6. Problem with Ets2 MP

    thnx sir bot i have 1 to show you for that conection http://s17.postimg.org/5stwphmlb/xham.pngto see if is problem for me conection sir
  7. Problem with Ets2 MP

  8. Problem with Ets2 MP

    I have no idea about my wifi
  9. Problem with Ets2 MP

    thank you sir I hope and I
  10. Problem with Ets2 MP

    I think it's a good title to apologize for bad language I rule out all but it's all I've ever tasted and I played with low graphics Do not harass me see I'm more old and can not handle this just need some help if it is so difficult to max Mr. Max I apologize now I will take care of that title right do not really know any more how to handle this more title
  11. Problem with Ets2 MP

    please help me to solve this problem always when I get into the mp always have a lag means everything blocking my game I can not play as a man always exit from the game go in again the same Svarna this can no longer tolerate signs must get in get out maybe 10 times and not again the same
  12. thnx sir Thank you but I still always have a crash in the game and it always freeze for 5 minutes after the game normally but thank you for the best
  13. 0.1.3 Alpha

    thank you so much for finally succeeded and I hope we will be the best team