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    Birmingham, United Kingdom
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    Well, I like creating websites, I like spending time with my family, I like trucks, like if I see one on the streets, I got to touch it and take photos until I get told off. I like playing football, and many other stuff.
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    United Kingdom: Birmingham
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About Me

Well, what can I say?

I'm Nadz! And welcome!

I have been playing ETS2 on CD for over one and a half years, this gives me my experience, I soon found out to play with other users, I must have steam, therefore, I got steam, and thats where my TruckersMP journey started.


Currently, I work for Spyder Bot which is a discord moderation bot that will do all sorts. I also work for many other stuff but I can't be asked to state them. :P


I live in the UK, in the amazing city of Birmingham. 


And, thats it. :P

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