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    Player annabella at Today, 00:11 Public

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voJBTvCFIfc&feature=youtu.be see yourself doing what andar online he will be happy to do you things i'm crazy i'm looking at my video i'm somebody rammed ever i ple sand you he smells and keep silent people in olyn you do not look what he does I have enough evidence against him that he arranged the strin juice Look at my strim I did not mind anyone who would do it willingly if I had to drive so that I had to travel to the sea to rumble next time I know I'll drive myself out of my own way and damage the load and your car then you'll be less well All right You do not understand what is the thing This man is harassing people I'm online I've never bumped a bunch I'm beautifully picked up and I get the bunch of brooms for you so you put my frogs in here, you do not want to be so please do not be him and put my account behind me

    Player annabella at Today, 00:49 Public

    https://www.politsei.ee/ Andar [ EST ] I did not do anything wrong, I also showed the police to my country, and he said he was guilty whether I should have driven out of the way and I'm not ramming boredom of driving it also looks over our police and the bubble is also true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAJdkkIK4o8&feature=youtu.be look here is now the place that happened I did not beat him our Estonian police said that I was not guilty of it and admin roasted wrote to me that i need help bubble was the help admin was also had lives here annar was it who hurled us si he made a jump ask this admine shell who wrote that either the bubble is in need of help

    Player annabella at Today, 00:53 Public

    https://truckersmp.com/user/1969623 she herself us hurt us all wrong show it to our policeman and i was not guilty of her too he came to us you did not mess with him if I had to drive on it or I had to drive traffic signs, then the next time I know I'm driving myself to the krravy, and then lesser, I can not damage the load, and my car can not be missed for that

    Player annabella at Today, 00:58 Public

    https://www.politsei.ee/ the police told our country so he was the one who should be guilty he would not have been able to drive me close to him he did not break the gap when the bubble was behind the cart, but I wrote about this person as well as the harassment of a policeman and I deliberately thirsty I have never faded this lower buoy yourself gotta wash us and you do not mix me I'm not ramming if you do not believe then look at my whole strain They got dirty and crying on the net with very rude words it's a promise

    Player annabella at Today, 01:19 Public

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29lxHEvDVjw&t=2843s here's my whole video to be what's going on See this over if you can not do anything wrong hello annabella Email [email protected]
    you did not eat it did it in our killer guilty and your place was bashed in the ghosts done but this head tells the owner of this page that he will help you give this young man was guilty but we look at this thing on the avalanche is against the veil We also agree to join it in affirming it country police WRITE OUR ESTONIAN POLICE 

    tere annabella Email [email protected] 
    teie ei olnud söödi selle tegi meie kksperis süüdi ja teie koha on alusedu süütistus tehtun aga seda peade selle lehe omanikule ütlema et ta teile abi annab selle see noor mees oli se süüdi aga vaadame selle asja üle avalnus on vastu veleud oleme nõus ka ühentus vätama selle riiki politseika

    1. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Be patient for the game mod who banned you to read your appeal. Don't forget the game mods have their own lives.