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  1. Has the Extended cab been taken away from the Volvo FH16 Classic?

    Hmm, odd that this was moved here after just seeing a tonne of threads more directly asking for help in the discussion forum, anyway, I just realised that after marco replied that I bought the wrong truck, thanks marco.
  2. When I used to upgrade to pull very heavy loads the cab used to double in size?
  3. I heard that lowering shadows and mirror distance helps but without population it makes no difference, maybe it will make a more effective difference when more players are around, I guess I will have to perform some of my own little tests when in a populated area one day What you are talking about is Vertical sync I think, I have it enabled at my monitors refresh rate as having it disabled causes lag for me when the fps goes above my monitors refresh rate of 60. I have a very good card so I agree with you with the 10% difference at most, it is pretty logical I guess ha. I will run the program I have been using recently called MSI Afterburner which monitors how much of your hardware gets used when you are playing a game so I can learn from that if anything is getting used too much when I am in a busy area and go from there, I have noticed though that frame drops happen even with my hardware at 50% usage.
  4. My hardware runs the game without any issues but obviously when there are a lot of trucks there is a major drop in fps for everyone! I run on ultra settings with GPU at 35% Usage and CPU and 25% Usage when there are only a few trucks about my fps stays hight but I am aware that despite that, tweaking some of the graphics settings to medium or low will gain a few extra FPS when the area is populated and your frame rate is at 25fps but which of the settings actually make a difference in this scenario? Thank you.
  5. Volvo FH16 Classic steering wheel colour Pink and brown???

    I just did that before I read your answer, I thought something un toward was happening ha ha.
  6. I just had to download a saved profile (without mods) but the steering wheel in this truck is pink and brown yuck! but the option chosen is the original black interior? I can't change it to black as it just stays pink and brown, if I subscribe to a mod to change the interior can I still paly multiplayer?
  7. TruckersMP Real Operations

    What time will it start and finish? and what time zone? What will the server capacity be? Thank you.
  8. Is there away to find out players Truckers profile ID with their steam ID?

    Luckily He joined back into the game to troll again so I have his ID now, thank you.
  9. They left the game before I could get their truckers profile id but I have their steam id and recording,
  10. Thank you, my questions have been answered
  11. Thank you guys Do I have to download a mod to get double trailers? or should I open a new question for this?
  12. Thank you for the quick reply! So do I opt out of all betas?
  13. Also, how can I get double trailers myself? Thank you.