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  1. Постараемся поднять актив как можно скорее)))
  2. Снова в строю! Я смог доказать что я ЧЕСТНЫЙ игрок!
  3. I write only in English (international language).

    I am blocked for foul play. But this is not so! I am an honest player. And I'm trying to defend my innocence and my dignity! It all started half a year ago. I played with a friend and recorded a video about how we ride, after which I informed him that he disappeared from me, yes disappeared, but his nickname was in the game menu, only the distance was not shown. Ping was normal. I just drove through it (according to him), but in fact I didn’t even see him. After which I just went over and turned off the recording. I did not observe this more. After some time (the other day. I found out that I was blocked for dishonest play and claim that I did it intentionally) and that I am to blame for what happened!

    Seriously? Will I play unfairly being on the project for so much time and investing time and energy in the project? Will I deliberately spoil my career? Why do I need it? For what? Am I like a crazy person who has no brain?

    I raised this topic, and the forum has similar topics with slow or belated loading of people on the server. But this didn’t lead to a big eye ...

    I want to understand everything and continue the game on this project! Help me sort out my problem. Leave a short review.

     @*Домовенок* [RU]  @Feniksovich ... and other

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